150th Anniversary Basketball Championship

We have all watched basketball competitions, but never was one as exciting and exhilarating as the Finale of 150th Anniversary Basketball Competition held on 23rd March, 2019. The day started with a downpour which caused the event to be delayed by half an hour. By God's grace, the rain stopped and everyone cheered and applauded as our Principal, Mr. Law, announced the official commencement of the basketball competition.

As our high-spirited competitors ran, dashed, defended, passed the ball and scored, the spectators cheered and admired the sportsmanship of our athletes. The manifestation of sportsmanship was indeed impressive!

In the end, the Championship went to Pop In (Graduates of Year 2010-2014), coming up second was Super A (Graduates of Year 2013-2015) and the third went to Mix Team (Graduates of Year 2006-2007) and Diva (current students)

Three cheers for all our athletes whose vivacity and exuberance have revitalized the new school campus and made their alma mater proud.