Achievements 2016-2017
EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2017: Robot Hunter (July 14, 2017)

Award: First Class Award

Students: 3C Karry Sze (leader), 3C Cindy Chan, 3C Natalie See, 3D Natalie Chan

EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2017: Robotic Hunter was held by the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 14 July 2017. Before the competition, our team of F.3 students have attended a series of training workshop from 20th June to 25th June. At the workshops, they were introduced to Servo Motor and Microcontroller, Arduino programming for robots and 3D printing services supported by industrial centres. Throughout the competition, our girls learnt coding and how to design and build their own robots using the 3D software. Their effort has won them not only the first prize, but enlightenment in their life-long learning. The taste of university life also serves as a motivation for them in their strive towards excellence.

Data Treasure Hunt Competition (July 6, 2017)

Award: 1st runner-up

Students: 4A Emma Cheung, 4A Chloe Au, 4A Vanissa Tse, 4B Elle Chan

The “Data Treasure Hunt” Competition – a flagship event in Science Festival 2017 – was organized by HKBU on 6 July 2017. Our girls attended two training workshops in HKBU in March, which provided background knowledge on skills required for the competition. The competition took the form of oral and PowerPoint presentations, as well as a Q & A session with professors. Our students have benefited enormously from the training workshops which focused on data analysis and applications of the visualization software. Through actively participating in the activities, they have matured not only in IT skills, but also communication skills and are ready to apply this knowledge to real-life situations.

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition – Intermediate (May, 2017)

Students: Ethel Yu, Elaine Ko, Casey Chiu and Zoe Cheung

From March till the end of May, our Intermediate Debating Team participated in three debates and came back as First Runner-up. This experience has helped the students learn to have better time management and more critical thinking. The participants were Ethel Yu, Elaine Ko, Casey Chiu and Zoe Cheung. What is more, Zoe Cheung was awarded the Best Debater twice.


Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition – Juniors (May, 2017)

Students: Pamela Lee, Christy Lai, Patricia Wong and Francesca Lo

Award: Best Debater -- Christy Lai

From February to the end of May, our Junior Debating team participated in three debates and came home the Champion. The participants were Pamela Lee, Christy Lai, Patricia Wong and Francesca Lo. In addition, Christy Lai was awarded Best Debater in all three debates. The debating preparation has helped the students realize that perseverance can take them to victory.


English Drama Fest (April 2017)

We are pleased to announce that the School English Drama Team has won the following prizes in the 2017 English Drama Fest (Modern Drama), organized by the Association of English Medium Secondary Schools.


Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Creativity

Outstanding Teamwork

Outstanding Performer: Christy Tse 5B

Titled ‘Who’s pulling the string?’, the play is devised and inspired by the rise of political power that is fueled by popular vote and not by intelligent decisions. This a collaborative piece using ideas and rationales from all corners of society disguised in the form of moving and talking puppets. The actors are representing characters of society which are deduced and co-created by the students and our coach, Ms. Shiona Carson. With her professional guidance, students participated in improvisation workshops in creating the scripts. They also did marvelously well in movement and acting. The face-painting was particularly impressive.

Producer: SFCC English Department

Coach and Director: Ms. Shiona Carson

The Cast:

Goretti Chan


Samantha Li


Daphne Hung


Angel Mak


Gladys Chan


Johannah Marie Naynay


Phoebe Chow


Sophia Tsang


Tina Lam


Gloria Au


Bertha Luk


Michelle Chan


Honeymie Manlangit


CoCo Cheung


Christy Cheng


Angelica Gomes


Zoe Kong


Sabina Lam


Zen Kong


Angela Leung


Koey Fong


Rachel Lim


Christy Wai


Gillian Ng


Elaine Fok


Loris Gosamkee


Charlene Ho


Christy Tse


Backstage Crew:

Sonija Chui 3C

Jade Yau 3C

69th HK Schools Music Festival – Plain Song (Gregorian Chant) (March 2017)

Award: Champion


69th HK Schools Music Festival – Recorder Ensemble (Secondary) (March 28, 2017)

Students: Zen Kong 3A, Zoe Kong 3A, Chelsea Wong 3B, Keiko Ngai 3C

Award: 2nd Place

There were 43 ensembles competing for the title. The adjudicator was Ms. Celia Ireland from England. The contemporary piece our ensemble played this time was quite challenging. With constant practice since October, the students finally made it getting 88 marks.


69th HK Schools Music Festival – Recorder Duet Age 19 or under – Secondary School (March 25, 2017)

Students: (1) Zen Kong 3A, Zoe Kong 3A, (2) Chelsea Wong 3B, Keiko Ngai 3C

Award: 3rd Place

There were a total of 37 participants in this competition. The adjudicator was Miss Celia Ireland from England.


Sing Tao Debating Competition (English) - Round 3 and Quarter Finals (March 4& 18, 2017)

Students: Lilian Li 4C, Liana Chan, 4C, Farah Tam 4A

Award: Round3 Best Debater -- Farah Tam 4A

Award: Quarter Finals Best Debater -- Lilian Li 4C

Award: Most Improved Schools Awards

On 4th and 18th March, our Senior Team participated in a debate against Raimondi College and St. Paul’s Co-educational College. Their hard work and perseverance helped them do well. The team members are Lilian Li, Liana Chan and Farah Tam. In Round 3, Farah Tam was awarded the Best Debater and in the Quarter Finals, Lilian Li was awarded the Best Debater.


69th HK Schools Music Festival – Descant Recorder solo age 16 or under – Secondary School (March 6, 2017)

Students: Zen Kong 3A, Pianist: Keiko Ngai 3C

Award: Champion

There were a total of 49 participants in this competition.

It was the first time I had participated in the solo competition. With frequent practice with Keiko, I was able to fight my nervousness. I was glad that we did our best in the contest.

-- F.3A Zen Kong


Hong Kong Island Division Youth Drilling Competition -- Red Cross Association Youth Unit One
(March 5, 2017)

Award: Best Uniform Group

Students: Gloria Chan 5D Yanni Chan 5A Phoebe Chan 5D
  Janice Tsang 5D Jackie Mok 4A Kelly Chan 4B
  Alice Chung 3D Jasmine Mak 3A Iris Mo 3B
  Wing Fung 3A Sabrina Lau 3A Helen Fung 2A
  Renae Cheng 2A Heiman Chung 2A Sabrina Sin 2D
  Jenny Ho 2B Yoyo Wat 2B Manlangit Honeymie Kyla Cordero 2D
  Janice Lee 2D Bowie Li 2D  


In Youth Drilling Competition, teams are divided into Open Group and Advanced Group. A team consists of one team commander, one assistant commander, fifteen squad members and three flag partitions. In the competition, each team has to fulfill the procedure given with up-to-standard drilling skills.

Each team is required to finish every step in the procedure within 15 minutes in the designated drilling area.
Drilling practice, to us, is more than a type of training, it is what brings us together. We are proud to be a member of the Red Cross and to have passionate and responsible team players who are ready to support one another. This is the reason for our success.


HKSSF Inter-school Athletics Competition (February 20, 23 and 28, 2017)

It has been a wonderful experience participating in the Inter-School Athletics Competition and competing with sports elites from other schools. This, being the last inter-school competition for F.5 students, is particularly memorable. We met friends and learnt from one another. In it, we gained not just awards, but friendship and sportsmanship. Every moment of the competition has become our treasured memory. We sweated, we cheered, we cried and we laughed. Though we do not always win, it is the experience that counts. Our junior members will continue to inherit the fighting spirit and excel in the various events in the days to come.

Award: A Grade 100m Champion -- Jenna Pun 5C

Award: A Grade 200m First Runner-up -- Jenna Pun 5C

Award: B Grade 200m First Runner-up -- Iris Lao 4A

Award: A Grade 4x100m Relay Champion -- Chloris Lam 5A, Jenna Pun 5C, Chloe Lam 5C, Esther Law 6D

Wanchai District Nursing Competition - Red Cross Association Youth Unit One (February 25, 2017)

Award: 1st runner-up

This competition trains up members in the specific area of nursing skills. In the competition, participants are given scenarios in which they have to provide first-aid treatment to the injured. For instance, teaching them the use of sphygmomanometer and crutches. The delivery of knowledge about healthy lifestyle is also part of the assessment. It is a precious opportunity for members to prepare themselves for a future career in nursing.  


RCY Award Ceremony - Red Cross Association Youth Unit One (February 12, 2017)

RCY Award Ceremony is held annually to present the prizes to all award winners. Besides Anniversary Awards, there are also awards like Best Service Project Award, Best Unit (Training) Award, Best Unit (Service) Award, Best Youth Instructor Award, Best Youth Member Award , and the achievements in Progressive Programme etc. This Ceremony not only involves the Youth Units from Hong Kong Island District, but also Youth Units from the whole of Hong Kong. Parents, Teachers and School Principals are invited to the ceremony to share the joy of our accomplishment.

53rd HK Schools Dance Festival (甲級獎) (February 9, 2017)


Students: Toby Hui 1A, Gladys Yiu 1A, Alva Sin 1C, Athena Chan 1D, Hazel Cheung 1D, Rachel Lau 1D, Vicky Li 2A, Cherub Lam 2B, Theone Man 2B, Melanie Lam 2C, Ricole Kwok 2D, Soie Lam 2D, Krista Chan 3A, Grace Maxwell 3B, Jasmine Kwong 3D, Shimmy Mok 4A, Kary Cheng 5A, Hermia Chan 5C, Sophia Cheung 5C

Form 2 Harmonic Speaking in the 68th HK Schools Speech Festival - Champion (December 14, 2017)

The class recited the poem entitled Morning After a Storm by William Wordsworth. The poem describes the joy felt by animals including Jay, Magpie, the hare and the stock-dove the morning after a stormy night. They all rejoice in the beginning of a new day and enjoy this calm and tranquil morning.

The adjudicator commented that the voices of the choir blended very nicely and the single voice worked particularly well. She also appreciated students' facial expressions throughout the poem and the changes of pitch and pace in their delivery.

The month-long tough and intensive training for the competition finally paid off. It rings true that after every stormy night or difficulty in life, there is always a glorious morning or a time of true happiness.

HK Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2016-17 1st Term Finals HK Island Enhanced Format Senior Division I (December 13, 2016)

At the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 1st Term Finals, our Senior English Debating Team was awarded 1st Runner-up. They debated on the motion: “This house supports quotas for women in high government positions”. As the opposition, and debating with points of information, the girls did not disappoint. Congratulations are in order for Lilian Li as she was awarded Best Debater.

Award: Lilian Li 4C, Liana Chan, 4C, Farah Tam 4A

Award: Best Debater -- Lilian Li 4C


The Inter-school Bastketball Competition (A Grade) (September 29, December 6, 2016)

The Inter-School Basketball Competition A-grade was held in the period from 29th September, 2016 to 6th December, 2016. This year, eight girls represented our school in the matches. They won all four plays in the round one group matches and were promoted to the semi-quarter-final with the first place in the group. The school basketball team has also entered the semi-final and come forth in Hong Kong Division Two at last. We would like to show our greatest gratitude to the coach of School basketball team, Mr. Ren Lee and thank all students and their families who have given us their support.

Students: Lorraine Lo 6B, Stephanie Lui 6D, Joey So 6D, Christy Tse 5B, Jasmin Cheng 5C, Chloe Yu 5D, Sugar Wong 5D, Cora Kwong 4A


Advancing to Round 3 of the Sing Tao Debating Competition (English) (December 10, 2016)

Students: Lilian Li 4C, Liana Chan, 4C, Farah Tam 4A

Award: Best Interrogative Debater -- Lilian Li 4C

With only one week to prepare for this debate, our Senior English Debating Team has once again surprised themselves with a victory. Their motion was: “The Hong Kong government’s raising stamp duty to 15 per cent brings more good than harm to the residential property market”. For this motion the girls were the affirmative team and had to do mountains of research to understand the stamp duty mechanism as well as how it affects consumer behaviour.  Their dedication to trying their best has surely paid off. Special congratulations are needed for Lilian Li as she was awarded the Best Interrogative Debater.  Keep up the good work!

Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows 2016 – Symphony Orchestra Contest (November 30, 2016)

Award: Bronze Award

14 schools joined the competition performing different styles of music. Through the experience, our young musicians learnt a great deal from the other participating schools which demonstrated a wide spectrum of musical techniques. In fact, what struck them most was their fellow participants’ intense passion for music.

We tried our best in the contest. Although the results were not as good as expected, we gained a lot from the experience. We hope that we can perform better next time.

-- Team Leader: 3C Keiko Ngai & 3B Chelsea Wong


Build a Secure Cyberspace “Protect Data, secure Transaction” Mascot Design Contest (November 25, 2016)

Award: Champion -- Elaine Ko 4C

“Protect Data, secure Transaction” Mascot Design Contest aims at raising public’s awareness towards information security, to protect data and information online and the importance to secure transaction. The mascot design should include the ideas to inform the public to carry out protective measures, such as storing personal sensitive information in encrypted channel, avoid disclosing credit card information on social networking sites and to avoid conducting online shopping through public wifi.


“Building Safety Depends on all of us” Comic Drawing Competition (November 19, 2016)

Award: 1st runner-up -- Elaine Ko 4C

The “Building Safety Depends on all of us” comic drawing competition requires contestants to create their own comic based on the theme of ‘building safety’. With the four major concepts on structural safety, fire safety, environmental hygiene and public safety. The competition aims at helping students to understand the inseparable relation between building safety with their daily live, and to arouse public’s awareness and concern towards the importance of building safety. The judging criteria are as follows: Expression (40%), Creativity (20%), Overall skill and technique (20%) and Overall aesthetic level (20%).


Advancing to Round 2 of the Sing Tao Debating Competition (English) (November 12, 2016)

Students: Lilian Li 4C, Liana Chan, 4C, Farah Tam 4A

Our Senior English Debating Team this year has surprised themselves and won the intense debate, allowing them to advance to the second round. Their motion was: “The live-in rule for domestic helpers in Hong Kong does more good than harm”. As the opposition, they used their critical thinking skills and due to good preparation, they edged out the keen competition.


CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge (November 12, 2016)

Award: Champion - Ethel Yu 4D, Jennifer Hui 4A, Casey Chiu 4A

The participating students had taken a big step and had overcome the challenge of debating for the first time. Their motion was: “This house believes that multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain”. On that day they remain composed while speaking for the motion and came away victorious. Congratulations girls!


Inter-school Swimming Competition (November 7, 2016)

On 7th November, the SFCC Swimming Team, comprising 29 diligent swimmers, competed in the Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division Three) held at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. Our swimmers fought unflinchingly in the inter-school swimming competition. In the process, a number of swimmers were able to achieve their personal best times. After many hard-fought races, particularly in the relay events, we won the second in the 4x50metre Freestyle relay of C Grade and the third in the 4x50metre Medley relay of A Grade. Chan Yik Ling from F.5C also came as 1st runner-up in both 50 metre and 100 metre Breaststroke.

Last but not the least, let us express our gratitude for our teacher advisors, Ms. W. Tang and Ms. P.H. Ho, as well as the coach from Hoi Tin Swimming Association, Mr. Cheng.


Inter-school Fencing Competition (October 31 and November 13, 2016)

Pace, attack, battle – our fencers, Chow Wing Chun, Tracy (F.5A), Ho Ching Yuen (F.3A) and Tsang Hei Chin (F.3B) strived to triumph and bring honour to the school in the Inter-School Fencing Competition 2016 – 17 (Hong Kong Island and Kowloon) held on 31st October and 13th November. Our fencers participated in the Girls’ Foil Team competition and came fourth after several rounds of combats. Ho Ching Yuen came second in Girl’s Foil B Grade (Hong Kong Island). Their efforts have paid off. Let us congratulate our fencers!


Hong Kong Red Cross Wanchai District First Aid Competition 2016-2017 (October 16, 2016)


Team A: Hong Kong Red Cross Wanchai District First Aid Competition 2016-2017 first runner up -- Gloria Chan 5D, Jackie Mok 4A, Jasmine Mak 3A, Alice Chung 3D

Team B: Hong Kong Red Cross Wanchai District First Aid Competition 2016-2017 second runner up -- Yanni Chan 5A, Kelly Chan 5D, Iris Mo 3B, Helen Fung 2A

This competition aims at enhancing the first-aid skills of young members and getting them well-prepared and well-trained to carry out first-aid duties in the future. Each team consists of one leader and three first-aiders. During the competition, an accident scenario will be given and members will be performing first-aid on patients. The competition lasts for eight minutes. The marking scheme is based on the Hong Kong Red Cross First Aid Handbook. The champion and the first runner up in this competition will represent the school in the Hong Kong Island District First Aid Competition. '

Having participated in this competition for three years, I have acquired the skills and gained confidence in wound-treating when I carry out my first aid duties at whole-school events such as sports day, swimming gala. Apart from first aid skills, I have also learnt how to work as a team. Through communication, we have developed a strong bonding in the team.
-- Gloria Chan 5D

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