Achievements 2017-2018

School Calendar

The HKU Academy for the Talented - Scholarships (July 23, 2018)

Congratulations to Tiffany Ho (F.4D), Jasmine Louie (F.5A) and Natalie See (F.5A) who won the scholarships offered by the HKU Academy for the Talented for their outstanding performance.

EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2018: Flying Robot (July 12, 2018)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2018: Flying Robot organized by Department of Electronic & Information Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in July.


• (高級組) 最佳設計獎 季軍

• (高級組) 十二碼比賽 季軍

• (高級組) 網絡最受歡迎獎 亞軍

Award winners:

4A Karry Sze (team leader)

4A Jasmine Louie

4A Belva Tam

4A Cherry Wong

Harvard Book Prize Award Ceremony (June 1, 2018)

The Harvard Book Prize Award Ceremony was held on 1st June, 2018 at La Salle College. The Harvard Book Prize Award in Hong Kong is presented to three outstanding students per school with academic excellence and exceptional personal qualities. Congratulations to our three award winners, including Semi Luk (F.5C), Joey Chiu (F. 5B) and Belle Leung (F. 5A).

Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition 2017 (May, 2018)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition.

First Prize: Yanni Chan (F.6A)

Highly commended: Kary Cheng (F.6A), Belle Leung (F.5A)

Merit: Ceci Pang (F.6A), Iris Lao (F.5A)

First Prize: Yanni Chan (F.6A)

民安隊少年團頒獎典禮2018 (二零一八年五月二十日)

F.5B 鄭荳同學於課餘閒暇積極參與民安隊少年團活動,完成香港青年獎勵計劃銀章。謹此祝賀得獎同學。

2018 English Drama Fest (April, 2018)

If some of the most evil and infamous men in history and present came face to face with some of the most famous, courageous, inspiration and selfless woman of today and yesteryear, would their characters and values change? Would they redeem themselves and choose a better path that will not lead to the destruction that happened and changed the face of the world we now know?

Seventeen talented St. Francis’ girls gathered to explore these incredible characters and came up with a play. Directed by Ms Shiona Carson, the artistic director of Shakespeare for All, the play was awarded the Outstanding Script in the 2018 English Drama Fest, organised by the Association of English Medium Secondary Schools. Samantha Li of F.4D got the Outstanding Performer Award. Congratulations to the Team of performers! Special thanks to Shiona, who has coached our students to success in the drama competition.

Producer: St. Francis’ Canossian College English Department

Director: Ms Shiona Carson

Cast List:

Ann Frank – Johannah Marie (F.4C)

Helen Keller – Kelly Chung (F.3B)

J.K Rowling – Gillian Ng (F.4D)

Suu Kyi – Jenny Ho (F.3C)

Mother Theresa – Gladys Chan (F.3A)

Joan of Arc – Christy Wai (F.4A)

Oprah Winfrey – Honeymie Cordero (F.3D)

Malala Yousafzai /Devil–Bertha Luk (F.3B)

Dorothy Hodgkin – Amy Leung (F.4A)

Adolf Hitler – Elaine Fok (F.4B)

Donald Trump – Angela Leung (F.4C)

Kim Jong-un – Samantha Li (F.4D)

Osama Bin Laden – Vivian Wong (F.4A)

God – Yoyo Wat (and Donald Trump Hands)

Jesus Christ – Angelica Gomes (F.4D)

Outstanding Performer Award: Samantha Li (F.4D)

Albert Einstein – Tammi Li (F.3C)

William Shakespeare- Sophia Tsang (F.4C)


Sound manager: Angel Mak (F.4C)

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 2017-2018 (March, 2018)

Congratulations to Yanni Chan (F.6A) and Vanessa Chiu (F.6D) who were awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 2017-2018 for their outstanding academic performance, great leadership qualities and good learning attitude in all their endeavours.

Inter-School Basketball Competitions (October, 2017 to March, 2018)

The Inter-School Basketball Competitions of the three grades were held from October, 2017 to March, 2018. Under the professional guidance and instructions of the coach, students performed at their best in all the matches. As they share the victories and difficult moments together, the bonding is strengthened and their skills are enhanced.

A GradeB Grade
Jasmin Cheng6CCherry Chow4CI am happy to win some of the competitions and gained precious experience throughout these matches. Although we could not enter the final in this season, we will keep on practising and prepare for our next competition. It has been so encouraging when our seniors and graduates came back to support us. With their support we have become stronger and gained more confidence to beat the opponents in the future. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our coach. Without his guidance and support, we would not have been able to excel and unleash our potentials.
Nicole Chan 5A
Chloe Yu6DVivian Lou4D
Sugar Wong6DGillian Ng4D
Nicole Chan5AChilli Kwok4D
Hayley Ting5BShison Wong3D
Stephanie Kwan5CWincy Chan3D
Bebe Lee5DWynne Lau3D
Miko Yuen5DElsa Yip3B
Yvette Lui4AJamela Cheung3A

Inter-school Athletics Competition (January 30, February 5, February 8, 2018)

The Interschool Athletics Competition was held successfully at the Wan Chai Sports Ground on 30th January, 5th and 8th of February, 2018. Our athletes have achieved marvellous results. Congratulations for the fabulous victory of Kristy Wong(2A) and Chloe Xu (2A), Iris Lao (5A), Nicole Chan(5A), Bebe Lee (5D) and Miki Yuen (5D)! Thank you, once again, for their active participation.

Kristy Wong2AC Grade 400M1st Runner-up
Chloe Xu2AC Grade Shot Put1st Runner-up
Nicole Chan5AA Grade 4 x 100 Relay2nd Runner-up
Iris Lao5A
Bebe Lee5D
Miko Yuen5D

HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship for Secondary School Students 2017 (February 6, 2018)

Congratulations to Belle Leung (F.5A) and Farah Tam (F.5A) who performed marvelously well in the interview session among other contestants and were awarded the HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship for Secondary School Students 2017.

第五十四屆學校舞蹈節 (二零一八年二月一日) (甲級獎)


中學組中國舞(群舞): 傣家的女兒, 傣家的雨(傣族)


Zoe Kei 1B, Tsoi 1B, Kristy Wong 2A, Gladys Yiu 2B, Athena Chan 2C, Athena Cheung 2C, Hazel Cheung 2D

Toby Hui 2D, Alva Sin 2D, Vicky Li 3A, Michelle Li 3A, Theone Man 3A, Ricole Kwok 3B, Melanie Lam 3C

Soie Lam 3C, Cherub Lam 3C

Our School’s Chinese Dance Team was established in 2004. The mission of the Team is to cultivate students’ dancing talent by providing regular, professional and all-round training so as to ensure the ongoing development of dance as a vital artistic pursuit.

Our Team has participated in many performances and competitions both inside and outside school. With the hard work of our fellow team members, the school dance team achieved excellent results in the Schools Dance Festival each year. This year, we engaged ourselves in intensive training for 54th School Dance Festival. Performing the dance of Dai minority has offered us a new experience and refined our dancing techniques.

We owe our gratitude to our instructors for their professional guidance. They have not only improved our techniques but also nurtured our creativity.

2017 Wan Chai District Outstanding Youth Persons Selection (January 20, 2018)

Congratulations to Belva Tam (F.4A) who was awarded the 2017 Wan Chai District Outstanding Youth Award on 20th January, 2018. Belva was among ten young people being selected by the Wan Chai District Youth Program Committee to receive this honour.

第69屆香港學校朗誦節中文朗誦比賽獲獎 (二零一八年一月)


中五甲班 許倩怡、中五丁班 高嘉禧 粵語二人朗誦 冠軍

中三丙班 陳思穎 普通話散文朗誦 季軍

「2017 第三屆全港青少年進步獎」 (二零一八年一月)


69th Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival (November to December, 2017)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the 69th Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival:

Dramatic Duologue:Solo Verse Speaking:Prose Reading::
Third: 5C Lilian Li, 5C Liana ChanSecond: 4A Jasmine Louie,
2C Rosanne Lui
First: 4C Johannah Marie
Second: 4A Belva Tam, 4C Zoe Cheung,
4D Angelica Gomes
Third: 4A Christy Wai

第六屆香港青少年藝術展 (二零一七年十二月三十日)




My drawing is about the 70s of Hong Kong. I used black and white colour to create the feeling of nostalgia. Through this painting, I would like to remind people not to eliminate the old things. We should cherish and protect them.

3B Joyce Pang

Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2017-18 (December, 2017)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the Hong Kong Biology Literary Award 2017-18 which took place in December 2017.

Second Class Awards: Belle Leung (F.5A), Farah Tam (F.5A)

Merit Award: Catherine Tam (F.5A)

Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (December 1, 2017)

Students: Casey Chiu 5A, Elaine Ko 5C and Zoe Cheung 4C

The Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition is no doubt an excitement. On 1st December, our Senior Debating Team won the Champion trophy for Term One Challenge (2017-2018). Each round comprised of a meaningful and challenging motion which our Senior Debating Team prepared for. Each win gave them more confidence and boosted their morale to strive for the best. It was a pleasure for our girls to meet other debating teams from different schools, and the enjoyments were doubled when they had the chance to visit the opponents’ schools. Through three rounds of competition in the first term, the girls gained knowledge and further improved their debating skills. Elaine Ko was the “Best Speaker” for the first two rounds with Zoe Cheung winning the title in the final round. All these achievements are important for the girls to feel proud of what they have learnt in their debating journey - critical thinking, debating skills, collaborative skills and not to mention team-work are to name a few. This competition is totally worth it!


Champion trophy for Term One Challenge (2017-2018)

Best speaker: Elaine Ko (Rounds 1 & 2)

Best speaker: Zoe Cheung (Final round)

城市縮影-灣仔攝影定向挑戰 (二零一七年十一月十八日)

謹此祝賀中五乙班 顧知桐、鄭杏研及王可兒同學於灣仔區議會屬下文化及康體事務委員會舉辦的《城市縮影-灣仔攝影定向挑戰》獲得學生組【最佳攝影大獎】冠軍。

Inter-school Swimming Competition (October 13 & 19, 2017)

Our school swimming team participated in the inter-school competition on 13th October and 19th October. In order to bring honour to our school, our team members pulled out all the stops. We tried hard and pushed ourselves to the limit. We were awarded with good results and won the finalist position in both relays. We are glad to have this opportunity to compete with others and to unleash our potential.

Moreover, we are honoured to have Mr. Cheng to be our coach. His concern and encouragement means a great deal to us. He trains us to be better every day.

Award: B Grade 50m Butterfly - 4th -- Alice Lam 3C

Award: B Grade 4x50m Freestyle Relay - 2nd -- Nicole Wong 3A, Alice Lam 3C, Sharon Chan 3D, Bernice Lam 3D

Award: C Grade 50m Freestyle - 4th -- Kinny Lai 2C

Award: C Grade 100m Freestyle - 2nd -- Kinny Lai 2C

Award: C Grade 4x50m Freestyle relay - 2nd -- Jessie Ho 1A, Alma Wong 1C, Venus Chan 2B, Kinny Lai 2C

Award: Overall B grade - 3rd

Award: Overall C grade - 4th

International Students’ Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition of Hong Kong - Photography (2017): "The Good Earth" (August, 2017)

The Contest-cum-Exhibition aims at stimulating students' creativity through creation in visual arts; fostering international art and cultural exchange and enabling adults/leaders in various regions/countries to have a better understanding of the younger generation and develop planning to cater for the younger generation's better living.

Award: 2 Honorable Mention & 1 Certificate of Merit -- Ho Ching Yuen 4A

“Smart Home, Safe Living” one page comic drawing contest (June 30, 2017)

Award: Champion

Student: Elaine Ko 5C

“Smart Home, Safe Living” comic drawing contest aims at raising public’s awareness towards cyber security. The comics should demonstrate the safety risks for inadequate security protection and hence remind the public of the correct ways to secure their computer devices, online accounts, etc. to prevent being attacked by hackers which will result in the disappearance of personal data or other consequences.The judging criteria are as follow:

  • Content and rendition (to see if contestants are able to present a comic story to enhance public awareness on information protection) (40%)
  • Design and Creativity (30%)
  • Artistic Presentation (30%)