Achievements 2018-2019

School Calendar

Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition 2018 (May, 2019)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition.

Highly commended:      Zen Kong (F.5A), Zoe Kong (F.5A)

2019 Drama Fest (April 9, 2019)

Kind-hearted Teresa is grouped by her class teacher for an assignment with four other girls who are each deeply driven by the four desires acquisitiveness, power, victory and vanity respectively. Today’s society has twisted their perceptions, making them fixated on these desires and in turn losing the fundamental behaviours that connect us as human beings. Can these girls change their ways? The weird sisters of Macbeth have devised a plan that can help mankind to control these desires, but as always it comes at a price.

Sixteen S2 to S4 Franciscans gathered to experience the journey of change devised in the play Toil & Trouble. In viewing Teresa and her friends being tormented by the charms of the witches, the audience were shown how the future behaviour of our youth has been saved by Teresa’s Grandmother who has always followed a truthful path filled with love. Directed by Ms Shiona Carson, the Artistic Director of Shakespeare for All, the play was awarded the Outstanding Creativity Award in the 2019 English Drama Fest, organized by the Association of English Medium Secondary Schools. Ashvinder Kaur of F.2A got the Outstanding Performer Award. Congratulations to the Team of performers!

Producer: St. Francis’ Canossian College English Department

Director: Ms Shiona Carson

Cast List:

  • Witch 2 Kiki Yeung (F.4D)
  • Witch 3 Renae Cheng (F.4D)
  • Witch 4 Berry Cheung (F.4C)
  • Witch 5 Kaka Lee (F.2B)
  • Witch 6 Annie Yuan (F.2B)
  • Witch 7 Eve Zheng (F.2B)
  • Hecate Ashvinder Kaur (F.2A)
  • Teresa Kristy Chan (F.2B)
  • Grandmother Gigi Yuen (F.3D)
  • Donalda Pakiza Basinang (F.2C)
  • Jess Sophie Kwok (F.4C)
  • Kim Hanfa Khan (F.2A)
  • Michelle Helen Leung (F.4A)
  • Aunt Monica Jenell Wong (F.2C)
  • Aunt Cecilia Apple Sin (F.2D)
  • Aunt Joan Anastasia Leung (F.3D)

Backstage:Emerald Li (F.4A) Melanie Lam (F.4D)

Inter-School Athletics Competition (February 23,28 & 31, 2019)

Our school athletic team participated in the inter-school competition on 23rd, 28th and 31st of February, 2019. Our team members achieved marvelous results and had wonderful experiences in the event. Congratulations to all the winners!

第五十五屆學校舞蹈節 (二零一九年二月十九日)


中學組中國舞(群舞): 梅


Class Name of students Class Name of students Class Name of students
1A Gisele Chan 1C Zoe Wong 4A Cherub Lam
1A Cherry Lam 3A Hazel Cheung 4A Theone Man
1A Suki Lam 3B Athena Chan 4B Soie Lam
1A Charlotte Wong 3B Athena Cheung 4C Yoyo Wat
1A Jovia Yu 3B Alva Sin 4D Ricole Kwok
1C Alice Cheuk 3C Toby Hui 4D Melanie Lam
1C Chloe Lau 3C Gladys Yiu 4D Vicky Li
1C Cherry Lo 3D Kristy Wong 4D Michelle Li

「2018 第四屆全港青少年進步獎」 (二零一九年二月)

中二丁班王善悠 、中三丁班梁晉嘉 及中五丁班謝瑋庭於學習及品德上均有顯著進步,獲杜葉錫恩教育基金頒發「全港青少年進步獎」優異獎。謹祝賀以上得獎同學,盼來年繼續努力。

灣仔區傑出青年選舉 (二零一九年一月十二日)


70th Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival (November to December, 2018)

Congratulations to our winners who performed marvelously well in the 70th Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival:

Event Name of students Position
Prose Reading Loris Gosamkee (F.6D) Second
Belva Tam (F.5A) Third
Johanna Naynay (F.5C)
Michelle Chan (F.5D)
Angelica Gomes (F.5D)
Solo Verse Speaking Gesele Chan (F.1A) First
Jasmine Louie (F.5A) Second
Heidi Leung (F.2A) Third
Aliese Fan (F.2B)
Cherise Fok (F.1A)
普通話詩詞獨誦 甘嘉晞 (F.1D) 季軍

感創敢為 - 青年社會創新服務獎 2017-18

謹此祝賀以下七位中六同學於香港小童群益會及陳廷驊基金會舉辦的《感創敢為 - 青年社會創新服務獎 2017-18》獲得銅獎。


6A 譚雅文 6B 趙曉嵐 徐懿文 梁潁枏 吳倩儀 牛相堂 王可兒

Inter-school Fencing Competition (October 21 & 28, 2018)

Three athletes took part in the Inter-school Fencing Competition held on 21st and 28th of October at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre. They have achieved marvellous results. Congratulations for the fabulous victory of Cheryl Ho (5A), Nicole Tsang (5D) and Angie Ho (2A).

Name Class Event Award
Ho Ching Yuen, Cheryl 5A Grade A Girl's Foil (Individual) Silver
Ho Yin Ching, Angie 2A Grade B Girl's Foil (Individual) Bronze
Ho Ching Yuen, Cheryl 5A Girl's Foil Team 4th Place
Tsang Hei Ching, Nicole 5D
Ho Yin Ching, Angie 2A

Inter-School Swimming Competition (October 4 & 12, 2018)

On 4th and 12th October, 2018, our school swimming team competed in the Inter-School Swimming Competition held at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. Our team members pulled out all the stops in order to bring honor to St. Francis’. In the process, a number of swimmers were able to achieve their personal best times. Our school was awarded the overall fifth place in the competition. We would like to express our gratitude to our teacher advisors, Ms. W. Tang and Ms. P.H. Ho, as well as the coach from Hoi Tin Swimming Association, Mr. Cheng.

C- Grade awards:

2nd place in 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke ----- Latini Chan Tsun Wing

4th place in 4x50m Medley Relay ----- Latini Chan Tsun Wing, Calyn Chan Sin Yan, Shiny Yeung Wai Ching, Leanne Chung Wing Lam

B- Grade awards:

2nd place in 4x50m Free Style Relay ----- Kinny Lai Wan Ki, Beinice Lam Wai Pui, Alice Lam Ching, Nicole Wong Wing

A- Grade awards:

4th place in 4x50m Medley Relay ----- Ying Chin Wing, Karen Yik Wing Huen, Christy Cheng Ho Yan, Vivian Lou Tsz Yan

The Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2018 (September 27, 2018)

Congratulations to Tracy Chow Wing Chun (2017/18 Graduate) who won the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2018 offered by the Home Affairs Bureau. Tracy is one of the 40 winners obtained the scholarship this year. Our School Principal, Mr. Kenneth Law was invited to participate in the prize-giving ceremony and shared the happy moment with Tracy.