American Women’s Association

School Calendar

American Women’s Association of Hong Kong (AWA) is an organization consisting of dedicated, international women who aim to contribute to the community of Hong Kong through educational, recreational and social activities. The Association has cooperated with our school for about 20 years, during which our students have benefitted enormously in terms of their English speaking skills, presentation skills and confidence-building.

Every year, the school co-organizes two English-speaking programmes with AWA. The Form 5 Mock Interview Programme has helped brush up students’ interview skills through small group discussions and mock interviews in a series of workshops. The Western Dining Etiquette Course for Form 4 is a valuable opportunity for our students to learn not only the conventional code of behaviour at dining tables, but also refined and decorous manners in social and formal situations.

Our school will continue to cherish AWA as a resourceful and esteemed partner in nourishing the young minds and raising our students to be competent and dignified ladies in the local community.

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