Music Association

School Calendar

The Music Association is one of the biggest clubs in our school. Over the past years, it endeavoured to provide various music related activities to enhance students’ knowledge and interest in music. These included mini talks on pop music, music week, singing contests, talent quests, hall concerts and fun day. All these activities showcased the beauty of music from different perspectives.

Talking about the highlights of the Music Association, the inter-house pop singing competition and inter-class singing contest can never be overlooked. Every year, the inter-house pop singing competition is usually the first inter-house competition, so it symbolizes the start of the exciting races of the four houses. And since it is all about pop music, which is well appreciated by all students, there is no doubt that it is always one of the most popular functions of the whole school year.

From mid-March to May, it is common to find students in their classrooms as lunchtime and even after school practising singing. On the big day, each class member’s effory and enthusiasm is reflective in a variety of ways from designing props and accessories to writing and re-writing meaningful lyrics. No matter who wins or who loses, the singing contest provides a chance for each class to unite, to cooperate, to share and to learn from one another. The experience and values gained from the contets are way more precious than a trophy!

This year, the Music Association organized the very first Fun Day in the history of the club! The Fun Day included different attractive games on the knowledge of music, like listening to music pieces, translation of lyrics and matching of the instruments. The active participation of students made it a great success. In the future, the Music Association will continue to strive in promoting music to all students through a variety of activities.