Science Union

School Calendar

The Science Union has always endeavored to nurture a sense of wonder in our students through hands-on experiences. Every year, a Science week is held to provide students with opportunities to discover for themselves the wonders of the scientific world through experiments.

Activities held in the Science Week has been very popular with our schoolmates in the past years. In the course of five days, we provide demonstrations of more than 16 different kinds of experiments which are backed up with explanation and theoretical knowledge. Fascinated by the results of the experiments, participants are driven by curiosity to explore the nature and make further inquiry.

The Leaf Bookmark Making Workshop has been another highlight of the Science Union. The drastic transformation from a neglected and generic leaf to a useful and unique bookmark demonstrated the marvelous effect of science. The satisfaction and smiles on our members' faces were evident signs of success.

Albert Einstein once said "The only source of knowledge is experience." This sentence immaculately sums up the belief of everyone who has helped and participated in the activities of Science Union. It is through the very process of inquiry and discovery that science is made alive in their life.

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