3D Printing Course (September 8 & 15, 2017)

Basic and Intermediate SketchUp 3D design (STEM) workshops were held successfully on 8th and 15th September, 2017 respectively. SketchUp is a user-friendly software which helps designers to draw 3D figures.

Participants, including 12 teachers and 22 students, have shown immense interest in using 3D sensory and mathematics knowledge to draw 3D car, chair, vase, bracelet etc. Learning about and through the 3D drawing tool has been a fascinating experience for teachers and students as they worked collaboratively to design their own product. A student has demonstrated originality by changing a bracelet into a ball-shaped ornament through self-learning.

The products designed by all participants will be printed. A follow-up course on how to print 3D products using a 3D printer will be provided by STEM team later.

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