InnoCarnival 2017 (October 27, 2017)

The visit to the InnoCarnival was held in the Science Park on 27th October. The carnival aims at encouraging the public, especially the young generation, to develop an interest in IT, as well as inspire them to pursue their own career according to their talent, which will benefit the future development of the society. Four classes of Form Three and two classes of Form Four participated in the carnival. The carnival features a wide range of lately invented technology application and practical experiments; the five main categories are Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Communication, Engineering and Science & Technology Career. Participants were also invited to attend workshops such as 4D Frame Mechatronics Car, Gauss Cannon, Contraption-building Challenge and making Solar Speedy Car, etc. Mentors provided explanations at the workshops and guided participants through hands-on experience. In the Contraption-building experiment, we were required to build a slide with three u-turns for a ball to roll through without falling by utilizing the force of gravity. It was challenging as well as physically demanding as failures were encountered at times. We had to estimate the angle and slope of the slide in order to succeed. Just as engaging as the workshops were the exhibitions. Various teams coming from universities and corporations were keen on showing us their products and explaining their motives. One exhibition called “SCIENCE—THE WAY TO MY FUTURE” had stimulated our curiosity in exploring our DNA, to know the sources and reasons behind every disease and cancer. We were amazed at the preciseness of human body. Advanced version of the current technology craze – 3D printing and VR – was available. Booths were set up for the public to gain a first-hand experience of the fascinating technology. Participants designed, printed out their unique designs and joined the exciting ‘speedy car race’. This was indeed an experience of a life-time! Moreover, things that you and I could barely imagine came real: using coffee waste to make clothes, coloring pictures by exposing it under blue ray, visualizing light rays in its wave form and planting in spaceships …

Everyone has the ability to create! Let us always remember the spirit of the InnoCarnival - Inspirations come from tiny details in our daily life. With the popularizing trend of STEM, innovative technology is in great demand and getting involved in IT is not just fun, but also prepares us for a future that leads.

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