Canossian Schools Catholic Students' Retreat (F.6) (September 30, 2017)

There are different identities in life, a daughter at home, a student at school, but we may forget God has given us precious identity as a gift - His daughters, and we are chosen to be His missionaries of love.


To enable our Form 6 students to be aware of this special identity, the Canossian Missions organized the Canossian Schools Catholic Students’ Retreat for all the Form six students on September 30.

This fruitful Saturday began with the opening prayer led by our school supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law. Then, we learned to improve our relationship with God and be grateful through thin and thick no matter what happens as God is with us always at the reflection sessions and inspiring life sharing by Ms Candy Ng.

The guest speaker, Fr. Paul Kam, reminded our students to make use of “3H” together in our relationship with God; Head – to think, Heart – to feel, Hand – to do, as God is like our beloved family and friends. He also mentioned that in Mark 3:13-14, Jesus proclaimed that we are the chosen one with Him and be the missionaries of love.

The programme ended with a Mass and our students have promised to be the witnesses of God to make Jesus known and loved.

Students are invited to draw their wishes and grateful messages on a stone as their reminder. Special paper clips are prepared for the students and wish them good results in the public examination and be the light on the earth to spread the love of God to one another.



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