Sports Day (October 12 & 13, 2017)

The School Annual Athletic Meet was held on 12th and 13th October. We are grateful for the student-helpers, teachers, clerical staff and janitor staff who have worked together to make this special day a success.

Early morning, an air of excitement filled the sportsground as students gathered. The rising of the college flag signaled the opening of the sports meet. As flags of the four houses fluttered in the wind, students cheered for their representatives and athletes.

On the first day, the preliminary round of the track and field events were held. Our athletes performed at the best of their ability and endeavoured to bring honour to their houses. They ran and they jumped; they threw and they sprinted. As the winners celebrated their successes, those who didn’t win embraced sportsmanship and cheered for others. It was a day to be enjoyed for every one. The sports meet reached its climax as athletes competed in the final rounds of events and the relays. One of the most anticipated events was the teacher-student relay involving the four houses, student association and the discipline team. The enthusiasm shown by the student and teacher participants was infectious.

The cheering performance was another highlight of the day. Led by the cheer leaders, our Form One cheering girls danced to the engaging rhythm of the music. The team spirit they exhibited through cheering and chanting the house slogans was uplifting and superb.

We laughed, we cried and shared our happy moments with our friends. These precious moments were captured on camera – the satisfaction on the faces of our athletes as they ran across the finishing line; the pride and joy as they stood on the prize presentation platform; the chanting of our passionate cheering girls and a tap on the shoulder… Our sports meet was more than the showcasing of talents, but the manifestation of our sportsmanship, courage and the SFCC spirit.

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