Theme of the year: Courtesy School Motto -- "Live by the Truth in Love"

  Form Three Subject Choice Seminar I

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 「高中課程及選科簡介」家長講座 (全港各區中三至中五學生家長及其子女)

“Senior Secondary Curriculum and Subject Choices”
(Seminar for Parents of Non-Chinese Speaking Students
Studying in Secondary 3 – 5)

在新學制下,高中教育提供更寬廣而均衡的課程,照顧不同學生的需要以及促進學生的 全人發展和終身學習。教育局將於2014年2月至4月舉辦五場內容相若的家長講座(四場以廣東話進行,一場以英語進行),讓家長對高中課程、選科及未來出路有更多了解及認識。講座的主要對象為中三至中五學生的家長,亦歡迎學生陪同家長出席。講座內容包括高中課程概覽、通識教育科、應用學習課程、香港中學文憑試最新發展、新學制下多元升學途徑及就業出路,以及答問環節。


Under the New Academic Structure (NAS), senior secondary education provides students with a broad and balanced curriculum to cater for diverse learning needs, foster whole person development and promote life long learning. The Education Bureau (EDB) is going to hold five Parents’ Seminars with similar content from February to April 2014 (four will be conducted in Cantonese and one in English), to help parents better understand the senior secondary curriculum and subject choices, as well as the multiple pathways under the

The seminars are targeted at parents of S3 – S5 students, but students can also come along with their parents. The programme of the seminars will include an overview of senior secondary curriculum and subject choices, Applied Learning courses, latest information on Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination and Q&A session.

Parents who wish to attend the captioned seminar are required to enrol individually and bring along the confirmation slips issued by EDB to the seminar. You can click here for further details.


  Admission Procedures and Criteria for
Form 1 Discretionary Places of 2014-15

The application for the discretionary places of our school is over. Please be reminded the date for interview is 8th March, 2014 (Saturday).


  Homecoming Day

Franciscans, parents and friends visited the school on Homecoming Day (21 December 2013, Saturday). They enjoyed the campus tour, recalled the history of the school and shared their memorable moments with their former teachers and schoolmates. Want to see the snapshot of the SFCC Homecoming Day? Please click the following for the photo album!

Photo Album


 Franciscans' Night Highlight

Franciscans’ Night, organized by the Past Students’ Association, was held on 27 Oct 2013 (Sunday) at Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley.  More than 500 alumnae, teachers, friends and parents enjoyed an unforgettable evening together.  Want to see the snapshot of the Franiscans’ Night?  Please click the following albums!

Album 1 Album 2 Album 3


School Major Concerns

Annual School Plan (2014 - 2015)

1. School Redevelopment Plan

2. To upgrade the academic standard of students by catering for learning diversity

3. To reinforce the concept of courtesy in our students

4. To hone students' English for the NSS electives, enrich the English learning environment in school and provide support in the teaching and learning of Liberal Studies.

"Bring Back Our Angels" Campaign

Our Redevelopment Fundraising Website has been officially launched.

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join our fundraising campaign!



To facilitate parents to have a better understanding on the "Multiple Pathways for students", the school has prepared the useful links to keep parents informed of the latest information.

Click here for details.


Under the New Academic Structure (NAS), students attaining Level 3 for Chinese Language & English Language and Level 2 for Mathematics & Liberal Studies (i.e."3322") in the HKDSE will be eligible to apply for 4-year undergraduate degree programmes offered by the 8 University Grants Committee-funded institutes. Apart from requirement on the four core subjects, following the prevailing practice, individual faculties or departments of the institutes will determine the attainment level required for one or two elective subjects, and other admission requirements. More details can be found in the "Multiple Pathways for Students" Section under NAS Web Bulletin:

Chinese version:

English version:

   Other Learning Experience (OLE)



   NSS Implementation and related measures in SFCC

To facilitate parents to have a better understanding of the NSS implementation and related measures in St. Francis', the school has developed this web page to keep parents informed of the latest progress of schools' planning and preparation for the NSS curriculum.

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