NSS Implementation
Timeline for NSS Implementation and Related Measures in SFCC
Year Hong Kong Education Reform Related Measures in SFCC
2001-2004 - Education reform

- Implementatoin of DEAR programme

- Integration of scientific investigation in Form 1

- Implementation of Integrated Humanities in Form 1

2004-2007 - Consultation on NSS curriculum and assessment framework

- Establishment of Student Formation Team

- Implementation of Form 1 iPortfolio and Form 6 careers portfolio

2006-2009 - Seminars and workshops on teachers' professional development related to NSS

- Implementatoin of Form 2 iPortfolio, small class teaching in Form 1 Chinese, English and Mathematics

- Establishment of School Improvement Team on NSS

2009-Present - Implementation of NSS  
Subject Information for Parents
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- History


- Geography


- Economics

- Physics


- Chemistry


- Biology





- Chinese History

- M1

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