School Supervisor: Sr. Agnes Law  
School Principal: Mr. Kenneth Law  
School Vice-principal: Ms. Rebecca Lee  

Form Teachers and Co-form Teachers
  1A: Ms. Zoe Siu, Ms. H. Lau 3A: Ms. S.Y. Chok, Mr. J. Ngan 5A: Ms. L. Lau, Ms A. Cheung
  1B: Ms. V. Liang, Ms. Sara. Choy 3B: Ms. S.Y. Wong, Ms. S. Tsoi 5B: Ms. Q. Kwok, Ms. P. Chan
  1C: Ms. V. Yan, Ms. J. Cheung 3C: Ms. A. Chan, Ms. W. Tang 5C: Ms. E. Wong, Ms. J. Ho
  1D: Ms. A. To, Ms. A. Wong 3D: Ms. W.K. Chan, Ms W.Y. Ng 5D: Ms. M.K. Cheung, Ms. K. Lee
  2A: Mrs. P. Yeung, Ms. D. Ma 4A: Ms. J Wan, Mrs. P. Kapoor 6A: Ms. V. Chan, Mr. K.M. Tang
  2B: Ms. B. Lam, Ms. P.H. Ho 4B: Ms. C. Liu, Ms. Sally Ho 6B: Ms. P. Wong, Ms. L. Lai
  2C: Ms. L.Y. Cheung, Ms. H. Wong 4C: Ms. E. Yu, Ms. C. Yeung 6C: Ms. C. Lee, Ms. Esther Wong
  2D: Ms. A. Tang, Ms F. Lam 4D: Ms. W.S. Chan, Ms. P. Lau 6D: Ms. I. Ho, Ms. P. Lee
Student Formation Team
  Discipline Team: Mr. Kan, Ms. A. Wong, Ms. A. Chan, Ms. W.K. Chan, Ms. V. Liang,  Ms. K. Lee, Ms. E. Yu, Ms. W. Tang, Ms. L. Lau, Ms. W.Y. Ng
  Student Association: Ms. V. Yan, Ms. Esther Wong, Ms. W.K. Chan, Ms. P.H. Ho, Ms. P. Lau, Ms. Sally Ho, Ms. C. Hon
  Counselling Team: Ms. M. Yim, Ms. S.Y. Chok, Ms. Esther Wong, Ms. V. Chan, Ms. Sara Choy, Ms. H. Lau, Ms. H. Ng, Ms. Alison Chan and Ms. Yan Ip (Social Worker)
  I.T. Team: Ms. J. Ho, Ms. A. To, Ms. B. Lam, Mr. J. Ngan, Mr. S.K. Lai
  Civic Education Team: Ms. C. Liu, Ms. L. Lai, Ms. E. Wong, Ms. P. Chan, Ms. D. Ma
  Careers and Life Planning Education Coordinating Team: Ms. L. Lau, Ms. C. Lee, Ms. F. Lam, Mr. J. Ngan, Ms. L. Lai, Ms. L.Y. Cheung, Ms. D. Ma, Mr. K.M. Tang
  Student Librarian Union: Ms. C. Yeung, Ms. J. Cheung
  Sex & Health Education Team: Ms. V. Chan, Ms. L. Lau, Ms. P. Lau, Ms. W.Y. Ng
  Religious Activities and Functions Team: Ms. A. To, Ms. Sara Choy, Ms. Esther Wong, Ms. C. Liu, Ms. V. Yan, Ms. A. Tang, Ms. C. Yeung, Ms. S. Tsoi, Ms. T. Sau, Ms. A. Cheung, Ms. C. Chan
  St. Gabriel House: Mr. J. Ngan, Ms. P. Lau St. Nicolaus House: Ms. W.K. Chan, Ms. W.Y. Ng
  St. Patrick House: Ms. H. Wong, Mr. S.K. Lai St. Valentina House: Mrs. P. Yeung, Ms. L. Lai
School Teams
  School Sports Team: Ms. W. Tang, Ms. P.H. Ho
  School Music Team: Ms. T. Sau
  School Dance Team: Ms. W. Tang, Mrs. P. Yeung
  Catholic Society: Ms. C. Chan
  Legion of Mary: Ms. A. To, Ms. Sally Tsoi, Ms. Sara Choy, Ms. C. Chan
  Girl Guides Association: Ms. V. Chan, Ms. J. Cheung, Ms. P. Chan
  Red Cross Association: Ms. A. Wong, Ms. H. Lau
  Community Youth Club: Ms. E. Wong, Ms. P. Chan, Ms. Zoe Siu
  Social Service Group: Ms. K. Lee, Ms. H. Wong, Ms. F. Lam
  Art Club: Ms. H. Wong
  Debating Team & Debating Society: Mrs. P. Kapoor, Ms. P. Wong, Mr. T. Anthony, Ms. A. Chan, Ms. S.Y. Wong, Ms. L.Y. Cheung, Ms. E. Yu
  Drama Club: Ms. P. Lee, Mr. J. Ngan, Ms. Sally Ho
  Games Club: Mr. J. Ngan, Mr. S.K. Lai
  Music Association: Ms. T. Sau, Ms. H. Lau
  Photography Club: Ms. L. Lai, Mr. S.K. Lai
  Sports Union: Ms. W. Tang, Ms. P.H. Ho, Ms. W.K. Chan
  Chinese Club: Ms. M.K. Cheung, Ms. Zoe Siu, Mr. W.Y. Ng
  English Club: Mrs. P. Yeung, Ms. P. Wong, Mrs. P. Kapoor
  Computer & Maths Union: Ms. B. Lam, Mr. P. Lau
  Science Union: Mr. J. Ngan, Mr. S.K. Lai
  Social Science Union: Ms. E. Wong, Ms. L. Lai


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