Careers Guidance Team

The Careers Guidance Team aims to provide students with opportunities to:

  • develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes need to select appropriate secondary school courses and to make appropriate post-secondary decisions.
  • become aware of, and explore, further education and careers in relation to their personal values, interests and aptitude.
  • develop the competencies needed for progression or entry into the next educational or occupational level.

Duties of Careers Prefects

  1. Maintain the upkeep of the careers library and the Careers Room;
  2. Update and disseminate information on further education, job opportunities, job descriptions and changing job requirements;
  3. Organize visits to industrial, commercial and academic organizations;
  4. Give talks to and organize seminars/conferences for students;
  5. Organize talks and seminars/conferences by guest speakers on careers and further education;
  6. Arrange employers, local and foreign school representatives to visit the school;
  7. Arrange film shows, slide shows on careers and further education;
  8. Organize exhibitions on careers and further education;
  9. Provide support to the Teacher Advisors:
    • in coordinating students of the same vocational interest for activities and in further education;
    • in assisting students in applying for jobs, scholarships and further studies;
    • in organizing student volunteers for careers programs;
    • in conducting research into the needs and problems of students in connection with careers and further education and initiate programs, according to the research findings.