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The 150th Anniversary Musical Play ticket sales are now available

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of our school, a musical play entitled “Our Guardian Angels” 《守護天使》 will be staged in the school hall in the next academic year. The performance in Cantonese is co-produced by the school and Chung Ying Theatre. The showtime is as follows:

  • 3.30 p.m. on 5th October 2019 (Saturday)
  • 7.30 p.m. on 5th October 2019 (Saturday)
  • 3.30 p.m. on 6th October 2019 (Sunday)

The running time of the play is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission. Tickets are priced at $120 and $180 each and free seating arrangement will be adopted.

Ticket sales are now available:

The 150th Anniversary Open Days

Let's take a recap of our "Grace upon Grace" Celebration as follows:

Feature version (20 min.)Full version (1 hr 30 min.)

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Sister School Scheme - Friendly Basketball Competition (July 8, 2019)

It is our honour to become a sister school with Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section) - Macau in 2019!

The splendid basketball match on 8th July, 2019 was a successful kick off for many future events to be held between the two schools. All of the teachers and students enjoy the moments. We cheer, we chat and we share.

May we give a round of applause to all the competitors and keep on supporting the upcoming activities co-organized with our sister school.

Graduation Ceremony (July 6, 2019)

It was our pleasure to have The Hon Mrs. Laura May Lung Cha, GBM, GBS, JP Chairman, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and Member of the Executive Council of HKSAR as our guest of honour, as well as Ms. June Sieh, the PSA Chairman, Mr. David Keung and Mrs. Melissa Chan, the IMC Parent Managers and Sr. Agnes Law, our School Supervisor in attendance at our Graduation Ceremony on 6th July, 2019.

The ceremony began with a prayer and the address by the school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law. The Guest of Honour, Mrs. Laura May Lung Cha, our Alumna, presented the certificates to the F.6 graduates. Our School Supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law, then presented awards to the winners of school awards and scholarships. Other awards were presented by Ms. June Sieh, Mr. David Keung and Mrs. Melissa Chan.

We were honoured to have Mrs. Laura May Lung Cha, to address the graduates and audience. Mrs. Laura Cha shared her life experience and her career development, through which she identified essential qualities of a responsible citizen.

On behalf of all the graduates, Elaine Ko, our Head Prefect, gave a vote of thanks to the school and parents for nurturing them into confident young ladies.

The day was embellished by impressive and marvelous performances from the SFCC Chinese Dance Team, Chinese Instrumental Ensemble and Music Team. The Graduation Ceremony came to a close with the singing of the school song led by the school choir. Each graduate received a blooming rose symbolizing a bright future that awaits them. We are grateful to the Parent-Teacher Association for sponsoring this special gift.

STEM Carnival@CUEE at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (June 26, 2019)

On 26 June 2019, 45 of our S3 to S5 students attended the STEM Carnival@CUEE at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The workshops featured the application of STEM knowledge in changing people’s lives. Students developed STEM products and services in a theme of their own choice, namely Artificial Intelligence@Task Automation, Voice/Music Signal Processing, Optical Sensing & Controlling, IoT Wireless System, Robot Assembly & Code Control, Smart Home Creation, and Deep Learning@Object Recognition.

Exposure Trip to Tokyo 2019 (June 17 - 21, 2019)

During the Post-exam period, 30 of our F.1 to F.5 students, together with four teachers joined an exposure trip to Tokyo from 17th to 21st June. They experienced a fruitful journey filled with fun and excitement. They have visited various museums (e.g. Arts, Baseball and Sumo) and attended workshops such as the Team Lab in a local school. This overseas trip has exposed our participants to the latest technological development and widened their horizons through experiencing foreign cultures. It has been both exhilarating and inspiring.

水果日 (May 9, 2019)


Lunchtime Book Sharing Session (May 9, 2019)

Two F.4D geography students, Jodie Tang and Honeymie, shared their favourite series of books Horrible Geography with Ms I. Ho and Ms R. Lee in the book sharing session at lunchtime on 9th May. The participating students found the sharing inspiring and interesting. Through reading the twelve books of Horrible Geography, students would definitely find Geography fun, not ‘horrible’.

Singing Contest (May 3, 2019)

The Singing Contest held on 3rd May, 2019 was a huge success. We are glad to have Ms. Christina Yuen and Ms. T. Sau as our honorable judges.

Being the highlight of the year, the Singing Contest allows students to cultivate their class spirit and showcase their talents. Standing confidently on stage and accompanied by piano music and drum beats, students sang in unity. Audience cheered at the fascinating work of synchronization and the exquisitely-made props made by each class. This year, there was a slight change in the order of the events with the interclass senior session moved before the open class session. What a wonderful occasion to develop and demonstrate class spirits!

Cooking Beauties (April 8, 2019)

Have you heard of the "talk of the town" among teachers and students in our school – Cooking Beauties? As one of the biggest events in this academic year, most of our students had thought highly of it. Cooking Beauties also created the first ever live broadcasting in school to encourage every one of us to be part of it to enjoy the wonderful moment of the event!

Cooking Beauties received tremendous support from our fellow schoolmates with the number of applicants exceeding our expectation. At last, a total of six groups had been selected to join the competition by lucky draw. Participants always discussed with one another, even to their opponents, in order to perform at their best. Throughout the process, the school community has demonstrated passion, teamwork and the spirit of sportsmanship. Internal cohesion and harmony has been enhanced.

Despite the time constraints, participants put their full effort into creating and cooking their innovative dish. Their confident smiles and agile movements in the kitchen were the evidence of their attitude of positive living. Soon, mouth-watering aroma filled the kitchen. Even the audience in the gymnasium watching live broadcast were cheering for our cooking beauties.

After a one-minute introduction of the dish by each group, the judges had a taste of the dishes. Their facial expressions spoke the loudest. Meanwhile, ten students were chosen to have food-tasting. They looked forward to every dish taken downstairs for them and gave positive comments and suggestions. The day ended in satisfied smiles and full stomachs.

Book Floating Corner Grand Opening (March 25, 2019)

To develop a reading culture among our fellow schoolmates, our principal, Mr. Law, inaugurated the grand opening ceremony of our book floating corner, taking a significant step towards immersing students in an environment conducive to reading. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr. Law had an interactive sharing on two books with our schoolmates.

Just grab a book and find pleasure in reading.

150th Anniversary Basketball Championship (March 23, 2019)

We have all watched basketball competitions, but never was one as exciting and exhilarating as the Finale of 150th Anniversary Basketball Competition held on 23rd March, 2019. The day started with a downpour which caused the event to be delayed by half an hour. By God's grace, the rain stopped and everyone cheered and applauded as our Principal, Mr. Law, announced the official commencement of the basketball competition.

As our high-spirited competitors ran, dashed, defended, passed the ball and scored, the spectators cheered and admired the sportsmanship of our athletes. The manifestation of sportsmanship was indeed impressive!

In the end, the Championship went to Pop In (Graduates of Year 2010-2014), coming up second was Super A (Graduates of Year 2013-2015) and the third went to Mix Team (Graduates of Year 2006-2007) and Diva (current students)

Three cheers for all our athletes whose vivacity and exuberance have revitalized the new school campus and made their alma mater proud.

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Civic Education Talk on the reflection of medical expertise (March 11, 2019)

It is our honour to have Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, GBS, SBS, JP to be our guest speaker to share in a talk for Form 4 and 5 students on 11th March, 2019. Being a renowned scholar in Infectious Diseases and the Chair of Infectious Diseases, Professor Yuen shared his experience in striving for excellence in his studies and careers. His words of wisdom have touched our hearts, constantly reminding us to love others in what we do. We are all impressed by his humility and perseverance backed by his faith in God. He also encouraged us to explore our potential through experience and extensive reading. Let’s have a look at some enjoyable moments we share in the talk.

Games Day on National Health Care Services (March 11, 2019)

In order to enhance students’ understanding of and concern for our national health care services, an exciting and meaningful games day was held on March 11 from 13:30 to 14:10. Students from all forms participated actively in the games prepared by our civic team leaders. The fun and joy our students experienced was fully evidenced by their radiant smiles.

Liberal Studies Form 4 Year Project 2018-2019 (March 7, 2019)

To enable students to explore social issues through first hand experience, the Liberal Studies Department organizes different visits for students every year. On 7th March, 2019, in four groups, our F.4 students walked out of the classrooms to visit different places. One group of students was led by Dr TANG King-yung , Anna, BBS, MH the elected member of Wan Chai District Council (Oi Kwan) to understand more about district administration and controversial issues in Wan Chai District; Another group of students visited the subdivided flats under the guidance of teachers and social teachers from the Concern For Grassroots’ Livelihood Alliance Limited. The third group of students visited the Food Angel Centre to learn about how leftover food is turned into nutritious hot meals for the underprivileged communities. The last group went to Tai O to investigate how sustainable development can be achieved in the Lantau Development Plan.

Let’s share our moments of joy in these visits from the following photos.

Student Formation Day 2 (March 5, 2019)

Student Formation Day 2 was held successfully on 5th March. A Whole School Appreciation Scheme organized by the Student Support Coordinating Team was introduced. The scheme aims at building a positive environment in school and appreciate students’ good and positive behaviours in non-academic areas which covered eight Franciscan qualities, namely Benevolent, Caring, Courteous, Determined, Peace-loving, Positive, Sunny and Trustworthy. The Scheme will last for three academic years. It is hoped that students will be motivated to live a positive life at school suggested by our slogan: “Ignite your passion, Spring into action”.

The Annual School Athletic Meet (February 28 - March 1, 2019)

The Annual School Athletic Meet was held on 28th February and 1st March, 2019. It was a blessed day with beautiful sunshine for our athletes to go beyond their limits. On the tracks and in the field, our athletes competed to bring honour to their house and displayed the most precious essence of sports - the spirit of sportsmanship. They motivated one another by performing at their very best. There are no losers, only winners who have conquered their own fear and failure to become faster, farther, higher. The cheering performance by our enthusiastic and passionate Form One girls brought the event to a beautiful close.

Swimming Gala (December 20, 2018)

The Annual Swimming Gala was held successfully at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool on 20th December, 2018

Some of our swimmers achieved their personal best time, some have broken the school record. After a series of hard-fought races, St. Nicolaus House won the Overall Champion of the competition. The cheering girls loudly cheered for the swimmers. The performances by our Form One cheering girls brought the day to a beautiful end.

We were honoured to have Cally So, our alumni and a member from the Hong Kong Water Polo Women’s Team, be our guest-of-honour. Her speech at the closing ceremony was very encouraging and inspiring for our athletes.

Christmas Celebration (December 19, 2018)

To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and bring joy and fun to the school community, the student association Elythereal organised various unique and innovative games for our schoolmates following the Christmas Liturgy.

The programme started with a warmup game that involved four gigantic balls being passed around as music was being played. When music stopped, the lucky ones holding the ball were invited to go on the stage. The eclectic crowd cheered as the lucky ones sang a Christmas hymn to win a prize.

The excitement escalated as the games were introduced one after another. "Who is telling the truth" was a new game introduced this year, designed to involve teachers. Three teachers were invited on stage to participate in each of the three rounds of games. Teachers' active involvement and amateurish acting had the crowd collapsed into laughter.

The event reached its climax as the school's discipline master, Mr. Kan, entered the hall disguised as Santa Claus. As he sprinkled candies upon the crowd, everyone cheered and squealed with delight. The joy we experienced on this special occasion reminds us of God’s blessings that are showered upon the school community all year round.

Smart Car Workshop cum Team Challenging Competition (November 17, 2018)

On 17th November, 2018, 12 of our F.3-4 students participated in the Smart Car Workshop cum Team Challenging Competition organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The three major activities held on that day were a workshop on building a mini Smart Car, HKUST campus visit and the team challenging competition.

Our students formed groups to take part in the various challenges. They were given 2.5 hours to build and test-run the Smart Car on the racing track. They learned how to deal with problems and developed strategic plans for their group within a short time.

This was a precious opportunity for students to explore about iSTEAM (inclusion, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics) and apply their knowledge in daily life situations. It’s been fun and educational.

Snapchat Geofilter Designing Competition (October 31 - November 16, 2018)

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally. As of February 2018, Snapchat has 187 million daily active users, among which are our schoolmates. Snaps can be personalized with various forms of visual effects and stickers. Geofilters are graphical overlays available if the user is within a certain geographical location. However, there is no geofilter for our school. This is the main reason that students are always yearning for it. Now, their wish has come true! Elythereal has organized a Snapchat Geofilter Designing Competition to encourage creativity in filter designs. The theme of the competition is the founding of St. Francis’ Canossian College. Therefore, it celebrates the 150th anniversary of the establishment of our school and fosters the creativity of our students at the same time. Seven entries were received in total. All of them are fabulous and students think highly of them. Students’ active response in the competition shows how passionate they are in snapchat Geofilters design while many strive for their favorite work to be selected. The three pieces of work receiving the highest vote were used as Geofilters on School Open Day.

Student Formation Day 1 (November 8, 2018)

The Student Formation Day 1 was held on 8th November, 2018, with great success. We were honoured to have Mr. Ma Lik Sang as our guest speaker. Fighting in his whole life with an inborn disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis, Mr. Ma only becomes stronger in spirit and determination. Despite his physical limitations, Mr. Ma has strived to complete his university studies and is dedicated to working to improve welfare of patients suffering from rare diseases. While his endurance and persistence in the pursuit of his dream have greatly inspired us, his sense of humour has lifted our spirit. We are indebted to Mr. Ma, who has ignited our students' passion to develop their potential and pursue their dreams.

Panasonic Future Expo HK (November 7, 2018)

The Hong Kong Future of Living Expo was a great experience. It was held by Panasonic and almost every product in the expo was designed by them. It showcased the history of Panasonic's electronics, elderly-friendly smart home products, beauty and fitness items, interactive zones and futuristic innovations. For example, there was an LED light that acts as an URL when an app called "LinkRey" scans over the picture with the LED light shining over it. There was also a smart mirror that is controlled by hovering your palm over the screen. It scans the health condition of the user, allows the user to use apps on the mirror and displays the weather and the temperature outside.

Board Decoration Competition for School 150th Anniversary (October, 2018)

As our school celebrates its 150th Anniversary this year, our students engaged themselves whole-heartedly in the board decoration competition held in the classrooms, along the corridors, at LG1 Foyer as well as the gymnasium. The competition was successfully held in early October and results will be announced in late November.

In the process of working together for a common goal, a stronger sense of belonging is developed and the bonding among students and teachers is strengthened. These blissful moments of joy while decorating the board collaboratively was a precious piece of memory shared by every Franciscan.

Civic Education Talk (October 29, 2018)

The first Civic Education talk was held on 29 October 2018. With “Medical Issues” as the main theme of the Civic Education Team of this academic year, we had the honour to invite Dr. Richie Chan, a specialist in Plastic Surgery, to share his medical experiences and knowledge with our F1 to F5 students.

Dr. Chan has inspired us with his enthusiasm in the medical field in Hong Kong and his insightful findings on academic researches. We have had a fruitful time with Dr. Chan as he broadened our horizon about the current healthcare system in Hong Kong.

Leadership Training Camp (October 26-27, 2018)

Leadership Training Camp aims at developing the leadership skills of the executive committee members of houses and clubs and strengthening their bonding. The camp started with two games - ‘Number Ball’ and ‘The Buyer’. The first game organized by the tutors aims at delivering the message that when problem arises, we should be seeking solutions and handling it with positivity instead of focusing on the wrongdoings. Moreover, it is equally important to improve our communication skills and facilitate collaboration among team members. The second game was a large scale ‘musical chair’. Although the participants eventually lost, they gained precious experience through reflections and thoughtful sharing. To test the courage of the participants and their ability to face fear on their own, a night walk was arranged after dinner.

On the next day, the participants played two games before they left. The first one was testing how fast they could finish the tasks within a limited time while the second was testing us how well they listen to orders given if they had their eyes covered. After lunch, participants left the Pokfulam PHAB Camp at around 1:45 p.m.

Teacher vs Student Basketball Game (October 11, 2018)

In the afternoon of 11th October, 2018, a team formed by our F.6 students challenged a team of six teachers in a legendary student-teacher competition. The entire school gathered to witness this special moment of grace. It has been years since we had a basketball court inside our school campus. Excitement and Anticipation filled the air.

The swift manoeuvres and agility of our teachers earned cheers from our schoolmates who watched their teachers play basketball for the first time. The enthusiasm shown by the spectators was just as uplifting and impressive as the energy and the indomitable spirit displayed by the players throughout the competition.

Though the match lasted for just half an hour, it demonstrated the strength and sportsmanship possessed by Franciscans ever since its establishment 150 years ago. The student teams won in the end with a score of 18-12. Congratulations!

Being the first basketball match held at the new basketball court of St. Francis’ Canossian College after the completion of its redevelopment project, this friendly match between our students and teachers has made history.

School Major Concerns Information Day (October 5, 2018)

The School Major Concerns Information Day was successfully held on 5th October, 2018. The three major concerns of our school for the new 3-year cycle (2018-2021) are as follows:

1. To reinforce students’ identity as Franciscans through the “Grace Upon Grace” celebration

2. To foster students’ autonomy in learning through Reading to Learn

3. To cultivate positive thinking in students and empower them to be persevering and resilient to challenges

Through the sharing of our alumni, Ms. Nancy Woo and past students, Yanni and Ruth, together with presentations and drama performances by student leaders, our school’s new major concerns for the coming three years were introduced and made known to every student.

SA activity - Calco (October 5, 2018)

Calco, an unprecedented school tracing game organized by Elythereal was successfully held on 5th October, 2018. This activity aims at enhancing students’ sense of belonging through exploring the facilities at the new school campus (e.g. Basketball Court, Amphitheatre, Memory Corridor and St. Francis’ Square). Seventy students coming from F.1 to F.5 levels participated in the activity in 14 teams. They all accomplished the seven tasks assigned to them and were rewarded with fabulous prizes.

Inter-House Dance Competition 2018 (October 4, 2018)

An inter-house dance competition was held on 4th October 2018 during lunchtime from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm at our newly built Amphitheatre. Members of the four houses, dressed in self-designed costumes, gave an amazing performance. The Amphitheatre is a dream-come-true for Franciscans. The spacious performance area and the comfortable seating would not have been possible without the Lord’s blessings in the School Redevelopment Project. We thank our participants and schoolmates for their relentless support. Congratulations to the winners!

Flag raising ceremony (September 28, 2018)

The Flag Raising Ceremony of SFCC was held on 28 September 2018. This event aimed at pre-celebrating National Day and enhancing our students’ sense of national identity and respect towards our nation. All staff and students of SFCC attended this special ceremony with respect and solemnity. The national flag was raised by our Red Cross members, accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem.

Installation Ceremony (September 20, 2018)

The installation ceremony of the school prefects, monitresses, SA exco members and House exco members was held at the school hall on 20th September, 2018. Our principal Mr. Kenneth Law installed the student leaders who pledged to do their best to serve the school and students faithfully in the coming year. Congratulations to all the newly installed student leaders!

House Election (September 14, 2018)

The House Committee members of St. Gabriel, St. Patrick, Sr. Nicolaus and St. Valentina House gave a brief account of the activities held in the last academic year. New committee members introduced themselves one by one and students gave them a loud round of applause in support of their sense of belongings to their houses. They promised to serve the school and students with the best of their ability.

May God grant the student leaders wisdom to serve as role models for our fellow Franciscans.

Form 1 Orientation and Parents’ Day (September 8, 2018)

This is one of the most important occasions of the year as we welcomed our new Form One students and their parents. The programme of the day commenced with the marvelous performance of the School Western Symphony Orchestra and the Chinese Instrumental Orchestra. Our School Principal, Mr. Kenneth Law gave his speech welcoming students and parents to the big family of St. Francis’ Canossian College. This was followed by the sharing of teachers of various functional teams in school. The smile on the face of our F.1 students and guests were the best rewards for our speakers and performers. Our Chinese Dance Team gave an enchanting performance. The grace exhibited by our dancers and their elegant maneuvers brought the introductory session in the hall to a close. The students and parents then proceeded to respective classrooms to meet their Form Teachers. This half-an-hour meeting marked the beginning of the building of a good rapport between Form Teachers and parents. We wish our Form One students a fruitful and enjoyable school life in St. Francis’!

SA Election (September 7, 2018)

The election of the executive committee of the Student Association was successfully held on September 7. After months of preparation, the two cabinets - Elythereal and Halcyon challenged each other on the stage. Both cabinets had to solve different tasks and answer questions prepared by the outgoing SA exco and the floor. The 16 potential executive committee members demonstrated strong team spirit, confidence and dedication. After a very close match and voting by students, Elythereal emerged as the winner and becomes the executive committee of the Student Association of the academic year 2018-2019. Congratulations!

School Reopening (September 3, 2018)

A warm welcome to all Franciscans! This is a special year for us as the school celebrates its 150th Anniversary and the completion of the school redevelopment project.

The new school year commenced with a whole school assembly at the school hall. Our principal, Mr. Law addressed the congregation and extended a warm welcome to all students. His introduction of the new teachers were received with a big applause. Anticipation filled the hall as upcoming events of the year were announced.

Live St. Francis! Live forever...

The school song speaks the words in the heart of all Franciscans. May the Lord bless our school today and always!

Summer Bridging Programme 2018 (August 17 - August 23, 2018)

The Summer Bridging Programme 2018 has come to an end. The new Form 1 students spent five days in August in preparing for a smooth transition from their primary to secondary school life.

The programme began with a welcome speech delivered by the School Principal, followed by a briefing on the school regulations by the Discipline Master. They also met their Form and Co-form teachers and classmates of the new academic year. The five-day programme was a great success not only in helping the new Form 1 students to get more familiar with the school campus, but also enhancing the enjoyment of their new school life.

Besides having lessons in the three core subjects, English, Chinese and Mathematics, the newcomers were introduced to different School Teams and Clubs through participating in various activities organized by the student leaders. Acquainting themselves with the new environment, they joined in the fun.

Graduation Ceremony (July 7, 2018)

It was our pleasure to have Mrs. Ingrid Yeung Ho Poi-yan, JP the Permanent Secretary for Education, HKSAR Government as our guest of honour, as well as Ms. Nancy Woo, the IMC Alumni Manager, Mr. David Keung, the IMC Parent Manager and Sr. Agnes Law, our School Supervisor in attendance at our Graduation Ceremony on 7th July, 2018.

The ceremony began with the prayer and the address by the school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law. Our Guest of Honour, an Alumna, Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, presented the certificates to the F.6 graduates. Our School Supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law then presented awards to the awards winners in school awards and scholarships. Other awards were presented by Ms. Nancy Woo and Mr. David Keung.

We were honoured to have Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, to address the graduates and audience. She shared her secondary school life at St. Francis’ and reminded graduates the importance of integrity.

On behalf of all the graduates, Yanni Chan, our Head Prefect, gave a vote of thanks to the school and parents for nurturing them into confident young ladies.

We had a bittersweet moment of bidding farewell to Mr. F. Lam and Ms. Lisa Chan. We wished them all the best after retirement. Moreover, we were delighted to have five teachers receiving the Long Service Award, including Ms. A. Wong, Ms. E. Wong, Ms. H. Wong, Ms. V. Yan and Ms. W. Tang.

The day was embellished by impressive and marvelous performances from the SFCC Chinese Dance Team and Music Team. The Graduation Ceremony came to a close with the singing of the school song. Each graduate then presented a stunning long-stemmed rose sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association as a token of thanks to their beloved parents.

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