School News and Event Highlights

The discretionary places of our school will be open for application. The details are as follows:


Application Period: 4th January, 2016 (Mon) to 20th January, 2016 (Wed)
Office Hour: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Mon to Fri)
8:30 am – 12:00 noon (Sat)
Date for Interview: 12th March, 2016 (Sat)


No. of discretionary place: 38


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School Major Concerns (2015-2018)


1. To empower students to become autonomous learners through self-directed learning.

2. To strengthen students' sense of integrity.

3. To provide support for career guidance service and implementation of life planning education for students.

4. To implement the School Redevelopment Project


Installation of Prefects and Exco Members (September 22, 2015)

Our school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law installed the office bearers -- school prefects, class monitresses, Exco members of the Student Association and House commitee members. We would like to take this opportunity to show our heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated service to St. Francis'!


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House Election (September 17, 2015)

The House Committee members of St. Gabriel, St. Patrick, Sr. Nicolaus and St. Valentina House gave a brief account of the activities held in the last academic year. New committee members introduced themselves one by one and students gave them a loud round of applause in support of their sense of belongings to their houses. They promised to serve the school and students with the best of their ability. May God grant the student leaders wisdom to serve as role models for our fellow Franciscans.


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School Official Opening Mass (September 17, 2015)

The School Official Opening Mass, which marks the beginning of another fruitful academic year, took place on September 17. The hall was filled with warmth, excitement and happiness as students were all gathered again after the long vacation.


It was our honour to have Rev. Fr. Cyril Cheung to be the celebrant of the liturgy. In his sermon, he encouraged our students to treasure what they possess. Inspired by his sermon, our students realized the air-conditioned campus, teachers and parents are all precious gifts from God, and that some time should be spent to appreciate what God has prepared for us in this new academic year. It was encouraging to see the schoolmates all participating fully in the mass by singing hymns.



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S.A. Election and Prize-giving Ceremony (September 9, 2015)

Congratulations to Elpis. Through games and the Q&A section, the eight committe members of the Student Association have proven themselves as capable leaders and will try their utmost to serve the students in this academic year. Our school also awarded the top three students in F.1-F.3 classes and all the model students in the academic year 2014-2015 after the S.A. Election.



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HKDSE 2016 Examination Applications for Special Examination Arrangements from Candidates with Special Needs

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Form 1 Orientation and Parents' Day (September 5, 2015)

Welcome our Form one students and their parents to our SFCC family!



Blessing of Mother of Mercy Chapel (August 15, 2015)

After months of planning, we finally opened and blessed our new school chapel, Mother of Mercy Chapel on 15th August, 2015.  The mass, which was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Rev. Lee Bun-sang as the Principal Concelebrant and Rev. Fr. John Cuff as the concelebrant, was attended by a congregation of 90 Canossian sisters, past students, parents, staff and student representatives. As we now dedicate this Chapel to Mary, the Mother of Mercy, we pray for peace in our world, our school, our families and in the hearts of all who will pray here.


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Thanksgiving Mass (July 13, 2015)

13th July, 2015 was the day that ended the school year 2014-2015. The day started off with the Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Philip Chan. We thanked God for guiding us through such a challenging year as we moved from the old school premises to the new school campus. After the mass, the congregation of Canossian sisters, PSA and PTA representatives, staff and students paid tributes to our School Supervisor Sr. Theresa Chien and School Principal Sr. Susanna Yu in a dedicated session for their retirement. It was a touching moment as Sr. Lucia Cheung gave a moving guitar performance and the PowerPoint slides showed what Sr. Susanna has done for SFCC over her 24 years of service as the School Principal. The new School Principal Mr. Law and student representatives presented bouquets of flowers to Sr. Theresa and Sr. Susanna to show our heartfelt gratitude to their contribution to SFCC.



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67th Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival

Solo verse speaking

1st F.4A Haylie Chan

2nd F.4D Gloria Chan

3rd F.4B Hilton Cheng


F.4 Choral Speaking

3rd F.4C



中六丁 朱止博

中四丙 安穎彤、甘熹霖



SCMP BOCG Life Young Anchor Programme
1st Runner-up 3B Linden Chan

Wanchai District
First Aid Competition
Champion and
1st runner-up

5A Eunice Lau
5C Karen So
4A Yanni Chan
4D Kelly Chan
4D Gloria Chan
4D Tiffany Leung
3B Jackie Mok
3C Koala Tam

Leadership Award
5D Jessie Pang
Service Award
5A Veronica Chan
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary Students
6A Sharon Chung
Lugard Scholarship
6C Ginny Lai
Youth Arch Student Improvement Award
6A Candy Chan 6B Audrey Ng
6C Ruby Ma 6D Julie Kwan
5A Natalie Keung 5B Anthea Yau
5C Tiffany Wong 5D Kathryn Chow
4B Jacqueline Tse 4C Louise Lui
4C Deborah Ng 4C Anastasia Wong
3A Kary Cheng 3B Cindy Chan
3C Hermia Chan 3D Jesse Hui
2A Veronica Lo 2A Amy Hopkins
2B Gigi Tsoi 2C Sherry Du
6A Vivian Yeung 4A Kelly Yan
6A Celine Lau 6A Ruth Law
6C Elsa Lau 6C Sabrina Leung
5D Jessie Pang
Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grants

5A Tiffany Lo
HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation for Secondary School Student 2013
6B Kathy Sit

6A Vivian Yeung

6B Kathy Sit
St. Magdalene of Canossa Scholarship
6A Ruth Law 6A Winnie Lui
Bakhita Religious Service Award

6A Sharon Chung 6B Vanessa Cheung
Dr. Aileen Hung Memorial Scholarship

6A Ruth Law
Mrs. Lillian Ha Scholarship

6A Vivian Yeung
Helen Woo (Red Cross) Scholarship
5C Zoe Wong
Dr. P.F. Woo Memorial Scholarship
6C Winki Leung
Mr. Sin Lam Kwong (Pharmacist) Scholarship

6A Vivian Yeung 5 Jessie Pang
Angeline Man Yu Scholarship

6B Vincy Lau
SFCC PSA Scholarship
6A Ruth Law 6B Kathy Sit
6C Ginny Lai 6D Aubrey Tao
Ms. Connie Chan Scholarship
Best in F.6 Chinese Language

6C Rachel Lau
Best in F.6 Mathematics
6B Kathy Sit
Miss Jane Cheng Scholarship
Best in History

6D Suzanne Yip
SFCC PTA Best Improved Student Award

6A Denise Lau 6B Ivy On
6C Trixie Law 6D Jessica Leung
SFCC Most Improved Student Award
6D Sandy Lam
Aesthetic Appreciation Award in Music
6C Sherry Kwong
Aesthetic Appreciation Award in Sports
6A Gigi Ko
Aesthetic Appreciation Award in Dance
6D Vincy Tam
Aesthetic Appreciation Award in English Drama
3D Helen Yip

66th HK Schools Speech Festival
Solo-Verse Speaking (Non-open)
1st 4C Melody Mok
2nd 2A Amy Hopkins
2nd 2B Gosamkee Loris
2nd 1D Zadia Mak
3rd 4B Kiki Wong
3rd 4C Kelly Kam
3rd 3C Vanessa Chiu
3rd 3D Sabrina Cho
3rd 1D Jasmine Louie Yee Lam
Prose-reading (Non-Open)
2nd 5A Jade Tam
3rd 5A Joyce Kwok

3rd 5A Natalie Keung
3rd 5D Liz Tam
3rd 2A Scarlette Tsang
3rd 2D Karen Yik
2nd 4A Winky Mok
2nd 2A Shimmy Mok
3rd 1D Jasmine Louie Yee Lam
2nd 5D Bonny Chu
3rd 3D Kelly Ng
2nd 2A Kellie Kwok
3rd 4D Criall Xie

67th HK Schools Music Festival

Guitar Solo (Senior)
3rd 5B Cherrie Wan
Graded Piano Solo (Grade 5)

3rd 4A Winky Mok
Recorder Ensemble (Secondary)
3rd 1A Zen Kong 1A Zoe Kong
1A Chelsea Wong 1B Keiko Ngai
1B Dorothy Tse
Guitar Ensemble
3A Charmaine Chue 3A Sammi Wong
3D Kristin Yu 2A Emma Chung
Plain Song (Junior Choir)
2014 HK Schools Music Interflows - Symphony Orchestra Contest
Secondary School Class (Group A)
Bronze Award -

Wan Chai District First Aid Competition
1st SFCC Team A
3rd SFCC Team B
Wan Chai District Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
HK Island Divisional First-aid Competition
3rd SFCC
HK Island Divisional Drilling Competition
2nd SFCC
Best Uniform Checking Award
Best Team Commander
5C Zoe Wong

5B Joyce Lau 4A Michelle Ho
4D Criall Xie 3A Kary Cheng
2A Shimmy Mok 2C Cindy Ng
1B Krista Chan 1B Grace Maxwell
1C Kody Ding 1C Ashley Ho
1D Natalie Chan 1D Jasmine Kwong
1D Pamela Wong 1D Priscilla Yu

Award for Volunteer Service 2014
Gold Award (Organisation) for Volunteer Service
Award (Individual) for Volunteer Service
5C Jane Leun 4A Winky Mok
5A Tiffany Chan 5A Cherina Lam
5A Joyce Lam 5A Stellar Leung
5C Janice Yue 5C Ada Chan
5D Jessie Pang 4D Delphina Fung
3A Winnie Chan 3D Sabrina Cho
2C Tiffany Ho 2D Christina Mak
Long Service Awad for Volunteer Service
5A Stellar Leung 5C Jane Leung

Interschool Swimming Competition 2014-15
Division Two

A Grade 50m Breaststroke
1st 3A Elaine Chan
3rd 3D Jasmine Chan
A Grade 100m Breaststroke
2nd 3A Elaine Chan
A Grade 4x50m Medley Relay
2nd 5C Kelly Cheun 5D Jessie Pang
3A Elaine Chan 3A Joyce Mou
3A Kelly Tai 3D Jasmine Chan
Girls A Grade
Champion SFCC

Interschool Athletics Competition 2014-15 Division 3 Area 3
A Grade 100m

1st 5D Vivian Fung
A Grade 200m
1st 5D Vivian Fung
B Grade 100m
2nd 3B Jenna Pun
3rd 3D Chloris Lam
B Grade 200m
2nd 3B Jenna Pun
3rd 3D Chloris Lam
B Grade Long Jump
3rd 3C Chloe Lam
B Grade 400m
4th 2B Anna Chen
B Grade 800m

2nd 2B Anna Chen
C Grade 100m
1st 2B Iris Lao
C Grade 200m
1st 2B Iris Lao
C Grade 400m
3rd 1B Sophia Tsang
C Grade Long Jump
2nd 2C Miko Yuen
A Grade 4x100m Relay
5B Sharon Tam 5D Vivian Fung
4A Annika Wong 4A Kelly Chan
B Grade 4x100m Relay
4D Esther Law 3B Jenna Pun
3C Chloe Lam 3D Chloris Lam
C Grade 4x100m Relay
2A Bebe Lee 2B Iris Lao
2C Miko Yuen 1B Sophia Tsang
B Grade 4x400m Relay
4A Winky Mok 4B Michelle Liang
4D Stephanie Lui 4D Joey So
2B Anna Chen

Girls C Grade

2nd SFCC
Girls B Grade
1st SFCC
Girls Overall
1st SFCC

A.S. Watson Group HK Students Sports
6A Gigi Ko

SAMSUNG 2013 HK Sports Stars Awards
HK Junior Sports Stars Awards

6C Valerie Ma

PRINCE HK Junior Squash Championships 2014 Girls under 13
Special Plate Runner-up (10th)
1C Claudia Lam

2nd 1C Claudia Lam

二等獎 4C Gillian Chu

冠軍 2B Elaine Ko
最具刢意大獎 2B Elaine Ko

Subject Prize Winners
English Language
6A Sammi Cheung
Chinese Language
6A Mini Ng
Mathematics (Core)
6B Kathy Sit
Mathematics (M1)
6B Kathy Sit
Liberal Studies
6D Aubrey Tao
6C Rainbow Chan
6B Kathy Sit
6B Kathy Sit
6A Celine Lau
Chinese History
6C Sharon Lai
6D Suzanne Yip
6C Sabrina Leung
6C Ginny Lai
Religious Studies
6D Aubrey Tao
Information and Communication Technology
6D Nicole Wong
6A Vera Wu
6A Gigi Ko

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