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Admissions Procedures and Criteria for Form 1 Discretionary Places of 2019-2020

The discretionary places of our school will be open for application from 3 January to 17 January 2019. The application form is now available todownload.


The 150th Anniversary Open Days

St. Francis’Canossian College Anniversary Basketball Championship

Date & Time: 2 March 2019 (Preliminary Round): 09:00 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 16:30
23 March 2019 (Final Round): 09:00 – 13:00
Venue: School Basketball Court
Target Participants: SFCC graduates and existing students
Maximum number of teams to be recruited: 12 (on first-come-first-served basis)
Enrolment Period: 29 October 2018 - 19 November 2018

Please visit our page for details.

School Historical Archive Core Team

In order to maintain and display a comprehensive set of historical records genuinely tracing how our school has been responding to the changing needs of the needy and the young and serving these people in Wanchai District for about 150 years since her establishment in 1869 under the spirit of her motto - “Live by the Truth in Love”, a school Historical Archive Core Team was set up in May 2017. With the help of the Core Team, we will set up our “Historical Archive Room” in our new school building. It will also assure our School that her mission will go on.

Please visit our page for details.

Collection of HKDSE Certificates 2018

The certificates of HKDSE 2018 are now ready for collection.

Students should bring along their Student ID card or HKID card for verification. If a student cannot collect her certificate personally, a parent’s letter should be submitted, stating the name of the authorized person.

Students are advised to check their personal data on the certificates. Should amendments be necessary, students should complete the amendment request form (Specimen 2) and return it together with the certificate to the Authority’s Southorn Centre office as soon as possible. Amendment will be free of charge if the request is received on or before 31 December 2018. For requests made between 1 January 2019 and 31 March 2019, a fee of HK$248 will be charged. No amendment will be accepted after 31 March 2019.

Smart Car Workshop cum Team Challenging Competition (November 17, 2018)

On 17th November, 2018, 12 of our F.3-4 students participated in the Smart Car Workshop cum Team Challenging Competition organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The three major activities held on that day were a workshop on building a mini Smart Car, HKUST campus visit and the team challenging competition.

Our students formed groups to take part in the various challenges. They were given 2.5 hours to build and test-run the Smart Car on the racing track. They learned how to deal with problems and developed strategic plans for their group within a short time.

This was a precious opportunity for students to explore about iSTEAM (inclusion, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics) and apply their knowledge in daily life situations. It’s been fun and educational.

Student Formation Day 1 (November 8, 2018)

The Student Formation Day 1 was held on 8th November, 2018, with great success. We were honoured to have Mr. Ma Lik Sang as our guest speaker. Fighting in his whole life with an inborn disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis, Mr. Ma only becomes stronger in spirit and determination. Despite his physical limitations, Mr. Ma has strived to complete his university studies and is dedicated to working to improve welfare of patients suffering from rare diseases. While his endurance and persistence in the pursuit of his dream have greatly inspired us, his sense of humour has lifted our spirit. We are indebted to Mr. Ma, who has ignited our students' passion to develop their potential and pursue their dreams.

Board Decoration Competition for School 150th Anniversary (October, 2018)

As our school celebrates its 150th Anniversary this year, our students engaged themselves whole-heartedly in the board decoration competition held in the classrooms, along the corridors, at LG1 Foyer as well as the gymnasium. The competition was successfully held in early October and results will be announced in late November.

In the process of working together for a common goal, a stronger sense of belonging is developed and the bonding among students and teachers is strengthened. These blissful moments of joy while decorating the board collaboratively was a precious piece of memory shared by every Franciscan.

Teacher vs Student Basketball Game (October 11, 2018)

In the afternoon of 11th October, 2018, a team formed by our F.6 students challenged a team of six teachers in a legendary student-teacher competition. The entire school gathered to witness this special moment of grace. It has been years since we had a basketball court inside our school campus. Excitement and Anticipation filled the air.

The swift manoeuvres and agility of our teachers earned cheers from our schoolmates who watched their teachers play basketball for the first time. The enthusiasm shown by the spectators was just as uplifting and impressive as the energy and the indomitable spirit displayed by the players throughout the competition.

Though the match lasted for just half an hour, it demonstrated the strength and sportsmanship possessed by Franciscans ever since its establishment 150 years ago. The student teams won in the end with a score of 18-12. Congratulations!

Being the first basketball match held at the new basketball court of St. Francis’ Canossian College after the completion of its redevelopment project, this friendly match between our students and teachers has made history.

School Major Concerns Information Day (October 5, 2018)

The School Major Concerns Information Day was successfully held on 5th October, 2018. The three major concerns of our school for the new 3-year cycle (2018-2021) are as follows:

1. To reinforce students’ identity as Franciscans through the “Grace Upon Grace” celebration

2. To foster students’ autonomy in learning through Reading to Learn

3. To cultivate positive thinking in students and empower them to be persevering and resilient to challenges

Through the sharing of our alumni, Ms. Nancy Woo and past students, Yanni and Ruth, together with presentations and drama performances by student leaders, our school’s new major concerns for the coming three years were introduced and made known to every student.

SA activity - Calco (October 5, 2018)

Calco, an unprecedented school tracing game organized by Elythereal was successfully held on 5th October, 2018. This activity aims at enhancing students’ sense of belonging through exploring the facilities at the new school campus (e.g. Basketball Court, Amphitheatre, Memory Corridor and St. Francis’ Square). Seventy students coming from F.1 to F.5 levels participated in the activity in 14 teams. They all accomplished the seven tasks assigned to them and were rewarded with fabulous prizes.

Inter-House Dance Competition 2018 (October 4, 2018)

An inter-house dance competition was held on 4th October 2018 during lunchtime from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm at our newly built Amphitheatre. Members of the four houses, dressed in self-designed costumes, gave an amazing performance. The Amphitheatre is a dream-come-true for Franciscans. The spacious performance area and the comfortable seating would not have been possible without the Lord’s blessings in the School Redevelopment Project. We thank our participants and schoolmates for their relentless support. Congratulations to the winners!

Flag raising ceremony (September 28, 2018)

The Flag Raising Ceremony of SFCC was held on 28 September 2018. This event aimed at pre-celebrating National Day and enhancing our students’ sense of national identity and respect towards our nation. All staff and students of SFCC attended this special ceremony with respect and solemnity. The national flag was raised by our Red Cross members, accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem.

Installation Ceremony (September 20, 2018)

The installation ceremony of the school prefects, monitresses, SA exco members and House exco members was held at the school hall on 20th September, 2018. Our principal Mr. Kenneth Law installed the student leaders who pledged to do their best to serve the school and students faithfully in the coming year. Congratulations to all the newly installed student leaders!

House Election (September 14, 2018)

The House Committee members of St. Gabriel, St. Patrick, Sr. Nicolaus and St. Valentina House gave a brief account of the activities held in the last academic year. New committee members introduced themselves one by one and students gave them a loud round of applause in support of their sense of belongings to their houses. They promised to serve the school and students with the best of their ability.

May God grant the student leaders wisdom to serve as role models for our fellow Franciscans.

Form 1 Orientation and Parents’ Day (September 8, 2018)

This is one of the most important occasions of the year as we welcomed our new Form One students and their parents. The programme of the day commenced with the marvelous performance of the School Western Symphony Orchestra and the Chinese Instrumental Orchestra. Our School Principal, Mr. Kenneth Law gave his speech welcoming students and parents to the big family of St. Francis’ Canossian College. This was followed by the sharing of teachers of various functional teams in school. The smile on the face of our F.1 students and guests were the best rewards for our speakers and performers. Our Chinese Dance Team gave an enchanting performance. The grace exhibited by our dancers and their elegant maneuvers brought the introductory session in the hall to a close. The students and parents then proceeded to respective classrooms to meet their Form Teachers. This half-an-hour meeting marked the beginning of the building of a good rapport between Form Teachers and parents. We wish our Form One students a fruitful and enjoyable school life in St. Francis’!

SA Election (September 7, 2018)

The election of the executive committee of the Student Association was successfully held on September 7. After months of preparation, the two cabinets - Elythereal and Halcyon challenged each other on the stage. Both cabinets had to solve different tasks and answer questions prepared by the outgoing SA exco and the floor. The 16 potential executive committee members demonstrated strong team spirit, confidence and dedication. After a very close match and voting by students, Elythereal emerged as the winner and becomes the executive committee of the Student Association of the academic year 2018-2019. Congratulations!

School Reopening (September 3, 2018)

A warm welcome to all Franciscans! This is a special year for us as the school celebrates its 150th Anniversary and the completion of the school redevelopment project.

The new school year commenced with a whole school assembly at the school hall. Our principal, Mr. Law addressed the congregation and extended a warm welcome to all students. His introduction of the new teachers were received with a big applause. Anticipation filled the hall as upcoming events of the year were announced.

Live St. Francis! Live forever...

The school song speaks the words in the heart of all Franciscans. May the Lord bless our school today and always!

Summer Bridging Programme 2018 (August 17 - August 23, 2018)

The Summer Bridging Programme 2018 has come to an end. The new Form 1 students spent five days in August in preparing for a smooth transition from their primary to secondary school life.

The programme began with a welcome speech delivered by the School Principal, followed by a briefing on the school regulations by the Discipline Master. They also met their Form and Co-form teachers and classmates of the new academic year. The five-day programme was a great success not only in helping the new Form 1 students to get more familiar with the school campus, but also enhancing the enjoyment of their new school life.

Besides having lessons in the three core subjects, English, Chinese and Mathematics, the newcomers were introduced to different School Teams and Clubs through participating in various activities organized by the student leaders. Acquainting themselves with the new environment, they joined in the fun.

Graduation Ceremony (July 7, 2018)

It was our pleasure to have Mrs. Ingrid Yeung Ho Poi-yan, JP the Permanent Secretary for Education, HKSAR Government as our guest of honour, as well as Ms. Nancy Woo, the IMC Alumni Manager, Mr. David Keung, the IMC Parent Manager and Sr. Agnes Law, our School Supervisor in attendance at our Graduation Ceremony on 7th July, 2018.

The ceremony began with the prayer and the address by the school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law. Our Guest of Honour, an Alumna, Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, presented the certificates to the F.6 graduates. Our School Supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law then presented awards to the awards winners in school awards and scholarships. Other awards were presented by Ms. Nancy Woo and Mr. David Keung.

We were honoured to have Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, to address the graduates and audience. She shared her secondary school life at St. Francis’ and reminded graduates the importance of integrity.

On behalf of all the graduates, Yanni Chan, our Head Prefect, gave a vote of thanks to the school and parents for nurturing them into confident young ladies.

We had a bittersweet moment of bidding farewell to Mr. F. Lam and Ms. Lisa Chan. We wished them all the best after retirement. Moreover, we were delighted to have five teachers receiving the Long Service Award, including Ms. A. Wong, Ms. E. Wong, Ms. H. Wong, Ms. V. Yan and Ms. W. Tang.

The day was embellished by impressive and marvelous performances from the SFCC Chinese Dance Team and Music Team. The Graduation Ceremony came to a close with the singing of the school song. Each graduate then presented a stunning long-stemmed rose sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association as a token of thanks to their beloved parents.

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Leadership Training Day Camp (July 5, 2018)

The 2018 Leadership Training Camp, which aimed at promoting team spirit, self-confidence, leadership and communication skills for potential student leaders, was held on 5th July, 2018 at the Salvation Army.

The camp began with a goal-setting activity, followed by a series of warm-up exercises. Students were then asked to solve several challenging tasks which provided them with opportunities to build capacities and cooperation among the teammates. What challenged the student leaders most were the two outdoor adventurous activities. Students were able achieve personal breakthrough, and more importantly, they were given the chance to learn to lead the team and communicate effectively with their teammates to achieve their goals. These skills are fundamental to them in organizing all kinds of houses and clubs activities. At the end of the whole-day programme, although students were exhausted, they were full of passion and empowered to get prepared to organize activities for their schoolmates in the next academic year.

Grand Opening of New School Compound (July 4, 2018)

Phase 2 of the School Redevelopment Project was completed by the end of the academic year 2017-18. The grand opening of the new school compound took place on 4th July, 2018.

The celebratory event kicked off with a hall programme. Mr Kenneth Law, the school principal gave an opening speech followed by a creative drama performed by our student leaders which recapped the objectives of the school redevelopment project. A campus tour for all Form 1 to 5 students was then conducted. Students had a marvellous time playing the interesting games prepared by our student leaders at different checkpoints. To conclude the event, students shared their feelings and hopes for the coming school year enjoying the new school facilities with their class teachers in the homerooms.

Aesthetic Appreciation Day (June 29, 2018)

Aesthetic Appreciation Day is the day when our Form Four students reap the fruits of hard work derived from the OLE sessions all year round. This year, students showcased their aesthetic talents through a play, modern dance, African drum performance, catwalk show and self-recorded videos.

The fascinating play being staged was the result of hard labour and team work. From script writing and directing to acting and backstage work, students were the one taking the lead. The unpredictable plot and the deep message brought tears to the audience's eyes. We were reminded to be more sensitive to the needs of others and not to give up in times of trouble. This is indeed a stunningly impressive piece of play.

The melancholy play was followed by excitement elicited by a series of thrilling videos. Our innovative and skillful videographers created videos that mesmerized the audience and left them in awe. The fashion show, being another highlight of the programme, was not short of surprises. The stylish outfits designed and hand made by our schoolmates are definitely works of art. The modern dance performances were simply phenomenal and mind blowing. Our dancers told beautiful stories through their refined manoeuvres and elegant moves. Last but not the least, the team playing the African drums roamed the stage. The high spirits they manifested filled the hall with energy and dynamics before the curtain eventually fell to bring the magical day to an end.

MAESTRO Dynamics (June 25-26, 2018)

MAESTRO, the student association, held their major programme MAESTRO Dynamics on 25th and 26th June. Booths were designed according to different learning aspects such as language, music, senses etc. Participants, composing of Form One and Form Two students, demonstrated high level of satisfaction and enjoyment. The booths “Dark Room” and “Mission 007” have gained exceptional popularity. MAESTRO has successfully achieved the programme objective which is to promote the importance of active learning. It is hoped that our Form One and Form Two girls could apply the skills learnt and master their work and duty in all aspects at all times. Let’s congratulate all the prize winners of the day!

Visit to Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Centre (May 11, 2018)

On 11th May, 2018, our F.5 Economics students and some members of Social Science Union visited the newly renovated Information Centre of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority situated on 55th floor of TWO International Finance Centre in Central. It contains an Exhibition Area which introduces the work of the HKMA and the development of money and banking in Hong Kong. A guided tour featuring the monetary and banking history was arranged for our students.

To enhance students’ understanding of complicated financial concepts, there are interactive games to integrate learning and playing at the exhibition area. There are touchscreen panels to introduce the work of HKMA in a comprehensive manner. These interactive facilities made learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We are grateful for the perfect arrangements made by the HKMA for the educational tour.

水果日 (May 3, 2018)


Singing Contest (April 27, 2018)

The Singing Contest held on 27th April, 2018 was a huge success. We are glad to have Ms. Flora Ng, Ms. L Lau and Ms. T. Sau as our honorable judges.

Being the highlight of the year, the Singing Contest allows students to cultivate their class spirit and showcase their talents. On the stage they sang, they played the guitar and they hit the drums. Audience cheered at the fascinating work of synchronization and the exquisitely-made props performers made by themselves. This year, the game session was replaced by videos produced by our F.5 students, which was equally entertaining.

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Business School Partnership Programme (April 19, 2018)

On the 19th April, we visited TAL Apparel as part of the Business-Schools Partnership Programme. TAL Apparel is an international corporation and one of the world's largest and most admired apparel manufacturers. We were so glad to have the chance to visit their office and listen to the meaningful sharing of their staff.

First and foremost, we were impressed by their business concepts. Through listening to the introduction of the company and joining the office tour, we learnt how technology could be used to improve the quality of their products and sustainability is prioritized in their production.

Doing business nowadays is exactly like “sailing against the current, and you should keep forging ahead or you fall behind” as the traditional Chinese saying goes. The company does not only aim to maintain its position in the industry but to stand out. To achieve this, they have their own department responsible for doing research, which helps them to be a pioneer in the garment industry. For instance, they invented numerous quality products including pucker-free and wrinkle-free shirts with advanced water repellent and water management technologies. Long-term investment in R&D has enabled them to innovate in almost every aspect of garment manufacturing.

Sustainable economy is valued in their company. Sewage is treated in the factory before it is discharged. Visits to factories all around the world were made to ensure that their production environment is satisfactory and that there are no negative effects caused to the local natural environment. They also invented the technology for collecting unwanted clothes and turn them into new ones. The concept is just like making recycled paper, but we have never thought that the same can be done to clothes. Their office design is also in line with sustainable development. For example, there are motion sensor lights installed along the corridors to save energy. All such measures are in place to achieve their goal that no waste will be produced and disposed of in landfills in Hong Kong. It is quite beyond our expectations that garment manufacturers would have set such goals.

What’s more, we love the working atmosphere there. We noticed that the office had been renovated recently and there are a lot of common and open areas. The company was intentionally designed in this way so as to encourage employees to have more communication and interaction at work. They hope that their colleagues can work together as a team and face obstacles together.

The sharing at the end of the visit was inspiring. We came to know what kind of employees there were looking for. They should be passionate about what we are doing and be humble and curious about everything. We learnt so much from this event and we appreciate the learning opportunity provided by TAL Apparel Limited. We are looking forward to the job shadowing activity in June.

-- 5B Kathy Cheung, 5B Sherry Du

English Exposure Trip to New Zealand 2018 (March 28 to April 8, 2018)

Twenty-nine Form 3 to 5 students took part in the English Exposure Trip to New Zealand 2018 during the Easter break. Students were fully immersed in an English environment for almost a fortnight.

On the first few days of the trip, they joined a series of excursions to Rotorua and Tauranga. In Rotorua, they learnt about the Maori Culture, the volcanic activities and unique landforms of New Zealand and the flora and fauna of the country. Through visits to a farm, a kiwi orchard and a honey centre, participants had a brief understanding of the major industries of New Zealand. In Tauranga, the water quality testing and estuary study done in Maclarens Falls Park and Bay of Plenty respectively inspired students to ponder over the importance of achieving environmentally sustainable development.

Another highlight of the trip was the school experience at Baradene College of the Sacred Heart in Auckland, where the students had a taste of what school was like in New Zealand through a buddy programme. Certainly, students will not forget their homestay in Tauranga and Auckland. Not only did they experience the New Zealand way of life but also enjoyed the warm hospitality of their hosts.

The exposure trip was truly an eye-opener for the participants. It helped to boost their confidence in using the English language, enabled them to acquire academic knowledge of multiple disciplines, raised their environmental awareness and promoted personal growth.

Visit to Children Centre (April 3, 2018)

A visit to meet the children at the Chai Wan Social Welfare Centre was organized by the Community Youth Club on 3rd April, 2018. The service programme was divided into two sessions. In the first two hours, our volunteers gave children guidance and helped them with their homework and study. Then it was games’ time. The children were excited and eager to participate in the games. Participants received Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs and gifts as souvenirs. These Easter baskets were made in the souvenir making workshop held at school two weeks before. Both the volunteers and the children enjoyed the activity and look forward to meeting one another again!

Making souvenirs for disadvantaged children (April, 2018)

A souvenir-making workshop was jointly held by the Community Youth Club and the Art Club. The collaboration was a success. Participants were actively engaged in making their own uniquely designed baskets which would be used for holding chocolate eggs to be given out as souvenirs to children they would visit on 3rd April. Students had a lot of fun decorating the baskets with cartoons and innovative patterns and they had much fun in the process. This activity engaged all members and made sure that those not joining the coming visit were able to contribute their part in souvenir preparation.

Visit to government Lab (March 26, 2018)

On 26th March, 2018, I joined a visit organized by the Careers and Guidance Team. Through the activity, I knew more about government laboratories. I also explored various biological tests for identifying suspects like blood tests. It was a very exciting experience as I like doing experiments very much. The sharing of the staff was also impressive for it enabled me to know more about how the team of laboratory technicians works with the Police Force. I also leant that it is very important for them to control their emotions and stay calm as they sometimes need to crack bloody murders. I will definitely join similar career programmes again as the visit was very inspiring and helped me a lot in setting my future career goal.On 26th March, 2018, I joined a visit organized by the Careers and Guidance Team. Through the activity, I knew more about government laboratories. I also explored various biological tests for identifying suspects like blood tests. It was a very exciting experience as I like doing experiments very much. The sharing of the staff was also impressive for it enabled me to know more about how the team of laboratory technicians works with the Police Force. I also leant that it is very important for them to control their emotions and stay calm as they sometimes need to crack bloody murders. I will definitely join similar career programmes again as the visit was very inspiring and helped me a lot in setting my future career goal.

-- Katie Law F.4A

STEM Month (March 6-26, 2018)

The cross-curricular activity - “STEM Month”- was successfully held in March. Various kinds of STEM related activities were organized.

On 6th and 12th of March, the Water Rocket Competition was held by the STEM education committee. Three representatives from each class designed their own water rocket in order to make it stay in the air for a longer time. All the competitors made use of the knowledge learnt in the lesson and their scientific mind to get the best results. The competition attracted excited crowds of students to gather at G/F to watch it.

From 8th to 21st March, five 3D Printing and VR Glasses Workshops were held by the IT team. Students learnt to create their own 3D products and make their own VR glasses. The participants felt a strong sense of satisfaction as they saw the finished products they designed themselves.

On 14th and 15th of March, Pi day was held by the Computer & Maths Union. Eight booths were set up, among which were game booths featuring Pi-Fight, tangram and Maths puzzle. How can we have Pi-day without pies? After finishing the brain teasing challenge, the participants enjoyed apple pies and pizza together.

On 15th of March, the aerial photography workshop was held by the STEM education committee for our F.3 students and some primary students from SFCS. Professional trainers were invited to teach our students how to control the drone for the aerial photography. In order to test their skills, we ran a competition immediately. Excitement and joy filled the hall.

Last but not the least, on 20th and 26th of March, the Science Week was held by the Science Union. Various interesting experiments related to different science topics (such as Angular momentum – Physics, Effects of catalysts: Elephant Toothpaste – Chemistry and Optical Illusions and lung capacity - Biology) were organized. Students from different forms actively participated in the events. They were also very passionate and curious about the experiments and the scientific explanations behind!

All in all, students enjoyed the activities very much and their interests in science have been raised.

[ Click here for more information about STEM Education ]

Mentorship Programme (June, 2017 to March, 2018)

The first mentorship programme launched by the Careers and Guidance Team was held from June 2017 to March 2018 in order to inspire students in the aspect of making suitable career and life plans. We were honoured to have ten devoted alumni experienced in different professions to be the mentors. These past students, in collaboration with the teacher advisers, arranged a splendid array of activities ranging from company visits to interviewing skills and stress management workshops.

The series of activities concluded with the closing ceremony which was held on 17th March. The mentees prepared souvenirs for their mentors and they each received a certificate presented by the School Principal, Mr. Kenneth Law.

The mentorship programme broadened our students’ horizons and helped them to prepare for their future. Most important of all, the relationship built between the mentors and the mentees will not end. Their wisdom and advice and caring words are the best gifts for our students.

Social Science Union and Sport Union Joint Fun Day (March 16, 2018)

On 16th March, 2018, a Fun Day was jointly organized by the Social Science Union and Sports Union. This joint-club event aims at enhancing students’ knowledge about geography and the history of Hong Kong. Innovative and fun games, including word puzzles and ball-games, were played to entertain and motivate our schoolmates in learning. The puzzle game provides clues on historical figures and Hong Kong’s historical facts, Members of both the CYC and Sports Union have had a fruitful time and brought home fabulous prizes!

Inter-house Dance Competition (March 13, 2018)

The Inter-House Dance Competition held on 13th March was a success. We are glad to have Ms. J. Ho and Ms. A. To as our honorable judges.

The lunchtime bell sent students eagerly rushing into the LG2 playground. They were the source of enormous support for their house representatives joining the competition. After getting changed into their stylistic costumes, dancers awaited the chance to unleash their energy and potential through their passionate dance and sophisticated moves. The choreographer and dancers tried their very best to perfect the dance till the very end. As the judges signaled the start of the competition, the dancers coherently moved into place in perfect synchronization. The crowd cheered as the dancers showcased their flexibility and techniques. Everyone had a fabulous time! Let us thank the participants for their marvelous performance and congratulate St. Gabriel House for winning!

家長教師會週年旅行 (March 10, 2018)


Student Formation Day 3 (March 7, 2018)

Student Formation Day 3 was held on 7th March. We had the honour to invite Mr. Andrew Cheng Kar-foo, a solicitor and a former Democratic Party member in the Legislative council to share his viewpoints about Justice with us. Mr. Cheng is dedicated to advocating Democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. He was also elected the Tai Po district councillor from 1999 to 2011.

Mr. Cheng engaged us with his knowledge and sense of humour. He shared with us words from the Bible which have been his source of will and strength. We are convinced not only by his talk but his walk. His experience sharing has been an enlightenment for us. We have learnt that we should be brave to do the right thing in order to uphold justice.

Investigatory Field Study for F.2 students (February 14, 2018)

A group of forty F.2 students joined a half-day workshop in Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre on February 14, 2018. They were engaged in different learning activities such as field work, data processing and analysis under the supervision of experienced instructors. Students have gained knowledge about nature and practiced inquiry learning skills.

I enjoyed this field trip very much. It was interesting and we have learnt about the living things around us. The activity I like the most is catching the living things and watching them under the microscope. We were able to see the beautiful appearances of the living things that we had not paid attention to before.

2B Mayce Yu

F.1-5 Catholic Students' Retreat (February 10, 2018)

God grants us gifts but we may not be aware of them as we become engrossed in our busy schedule.

An annual retreat was organized at Honeyville Canossa Retreat House at Mount Davis on February 10, hoping to help our F.1 to F.5 Catholic students restore a peaceful mind and appreciate the gifts from God, and eventually be revitalized for the upcoming challenges in life.

This blissful Saturday began with an introduction of the retreat house by Sr. Anna Maria Kwan (F.d.c.c.). Then, students started their journey in seeking God-given treasures in the retreat house. The peaceful environment allowed us to reflect upon our relationship with God. Fruitful sharing was held which has deepened our faith and helped us understand how amazing it is to be God’s daughters. His love always brings us joy and empowers us. We received the Love Letter of Our Father and we were invited to write a letter in reply.

As we embarked on our life journey, let us be assured that God is always there for us. His love is bigger than everything. We shall respond and continue to follow Him. The programme ended with a mass hosted by Fr. Vincent Woo and we offered our letter to God at the mass.

Talk on “Love and Dating” (February 7, 2018)

Dating is a topic of concern for parents and teachers. This time, however, instead of a parent seminar, our school has organized a talk on "Love and Dating" for our F1-F5 students, aiming at developing a correct attitude about teen dating.

Our guest speaker, Miss Atty Ching, introduced students to the risk of online dating and explained the pros and cons of dating. Miss Ching engaged our students with her professional knowledge and fascinating sense of humour. This is evident in our students' active responses in the question-and-answer session. Her experience sharing as a counsellor was enlightening and serves as a good reminder for our blooming teens who are curious about love relationship.

Miss Ching concluded her talk by highlighting the importance of trust and understanding in a relationship and her golden quote "True love is worth waiting."

F.5 Sports Day Camp (February 2, 2018)

The OLE Sports Day Camp held on 2 February brought about refreshing and brand-new experience to our Form 5 students. Students were offered the chance of horse riding organized by Tai Tong Riding Club in Yuen Long. Students were engaged and attentive throughout the day. After listening to the instructions about getting on and riding a horse safely, they were ready for a ride. Anticipation and excitement filled the air as they took turns to have a stroll on the horseback. Students also tried taking the horse for a walk. It was an experience of a lifetime for most of our students who had never been so close to an animal. From the radiant smile on the faces of our students, it is not hard to tell how much fun and wonderful memory they have had.

F.4 Sports Day Camp (February 2, 2018)

It was a glorious day when our Form Four students gathered at the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village for the Sports Day Camp. All students experienced a variety of physically-demanding outdoor activities, including lacrosse, flooring curling, sports climbing and archery. They enjoyed the activities very much.

The activity that impressed me the most was sports climbing. Gazing at the ten meters high climbing wall, I doubted if I would enjoy as it looked really dreadful and physically demanding for me. Being encouraged by my classmates, I finally made it to the top. The view from the top was unbeatable.

I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone. Overcoming fears has given me a great sense of success. I have learnt that I should trust in myself and not allow anything to hold me back. In the past, I spent most of my time putting myself down, thinking there is no way I could do it. This activity has enlightened my mind and reminded me that any hurdles can be overcome as long as I believe.

4A Grace Tien

Christmas Celebration (December 21, 2017)

The annual Christmas Celebration organized by the Student Association, MAESTRO was successfully held on 21st December, 2017. Our fellow Franciscans had a marvelous time on that day. The celebration began with a variety of interactive games such as “Song Guessing”, “Big Television” and “15-second Challenge”. Followed by lucky draws and a special house performance on classic scenes of different Korean dramas. Their splendid performances aroused a lot of cheers and fun. Lastly, the celebration wrapped up with an affectionate video from our schoolmates and teachers wishing us Merry Christmas.

The true value of Christmas is to gather with your family, your peers and your beloved ones. We believe the celebration had reunited our Franciscans as one! We would also like to bring out the message that once you are determined to devote yourself and forge a strong bond with those around you, every day is a meaningful day. We can deliver our blessings to everyone at every second, not only at Christmas. Last but not least, we would like to express our immense gratitude to our teacher advisors. Without their help and advice, the success of the celebration would not have been made possible.

Swimming Gala (December 18, 2017)

The Annual Swimming Gala was held successfully at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool on 18th December, 2017.

As our School Principal, Mr. Law, fired the starting pistols, eight representatives from the swimming team leapt into the water simultaneously. Their powerful strokes symbolized the unleashing of the swimmers’ full potential in the upcoming competitions. The oaths taken by the Sports Secretaries of the four houses reminded our fellow students of the importance of sportsmanship.

While some swimmers have achieved their personal best time, some have broken the school record. After a series of hard-fought races, particularly in the relay events, St. Valentina House won the Overall Champion in all three grades. The vivacious cheering girls loudly and zealously cheered for our swimmers, especially those struggling to complete the race. Their enthusiasm offered not only a tremendous source of support for our swimmers, but was also a pure manifestation of the spirit of sportsmanship. The splendid performances by our Form One cheering girls brought the day to a beautiful end.

We were honoured to have Jenna Lui, our alumna, to be our guest-of-honour. Jenna not only presented the prizes for us, she even participated in the Inter-house freestyle relay. Her speech at the closing ceremony has inspired the congregation and was very encouraging for our budding athletes.

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Sweatshop Factory Workshop (World Vision) (November 27, 2017)

The renowned international organization, World Vision, has dedicated their effort to promoting students’ understanding of and concern for various global issues. This year, our school has the honour to invite them to conduct a workshop for all Form 5 students. In the workshop, students played the roles of workers in a textile factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Being forced to work continuously in the repetitive work of folding t-shirts, the students experienced the desperation and suffering of many workers in third world countries. Ten Form 5 students took the roles of supervisors and exerted pressure on productivity. The masks they wore symbolize the inhumane and harsh management found in many sweatshop factories around the world. Work long but paid low, the low cost of production enables cheap products to be exported to all consumers around the world, illustrating the benefits but also the negative impacts of economic globalization. The main theme of Civic Education Team this year is globalization and the workshop enhances students’ understanding of the issue through experiential learning. Students have achieved an empathetic understanding through the activity. Have a look at our great moments and students’ reflections.

STEM Talk - “Engineer in School” (November 24, 2017)

On 24th November 2017, all F3 students participated in the talk “Engineer in School” held by CLP. It was mainly about electricity and energy supply in Hong Kong. The talk has enriched our understanding about different types and categories of energy supply available in Hong Kong as well as the ways to save energy, which help reduce the risk of climate change. The talk has also sensitized us to a number of pressing environmental issues and introduced us to the work of an engineer and the ways of becoming one. My passion in engineering has been ignited as my understanding of its job nature and career prospect increases. I realize that life is very much like doing experiments. Failures are inevitable, but they are also the inevitable process to success.

Inter-class Board Decoration Competition (November 21, 2017)

"Paintbrushes? Ready!

Watercolour? Ready!

Colour paper? Ready!

Scissors? Ready!

Staplers? Ready!"

Everyone is throwing themselves into the Inter-class board decoration competition. This competition has been an annual routine which aims at enhancing students' understanding of the objective of the school.

"Integrity for Life, Live without Strife." is the slogan that is shown on every board decoration. It echoes with the objective, "Integrity", promoted by the Student Formation Team. The slogan, integrated with the theme, was creatively brought in place.

On the 2nd December, 2017, winning pieces are judged according to the following criteria: Relevance, display of a clear message, cleanliness, design, creativity and environmental friendliness. Two prizes are awarded in both the Junior (F.1-3) and Senior section (F.4-5), namely the Most Creative Award and the Most Outstanding Award.

The competition has provided our students with a valuable opportunity to establish a stronger rapport among classmates and develop a sense of belonging to their own class. The joyful moments of decorating the board collaboratively will be a precious piece of memory for every Franciscan.

Leadership Training Camp (November 17 & 18, 2017)

The leadership training camp held on 17th and 18th November, 2017, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Playground Association, was a tremendous success. Interesting yet meaningful adventure-based activities ranging from warm-up ice-breaking games and blind walk at night to challenging high-order thinking tests and innovative sports like kin-ball and frisbee, offered valuable opportunities for our student leaders to learn about the crucial elements of leadership, which are categorized into the 4Cs – Curiosity, Creativity, Character and Courage. Through hand-on experiences and Mr. Cheung’s enlightening debriefing, our student leaders have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to develop them into great leaders possessing “The Five Minds for the Future” – the Disciplined Mind, the Synthesizing Mind, the Creating Mind, the Respectful Mind and the Ethical Mind.

家長講座——麥潤壽先生分享提升孩子抗逆力 (November 18, 2017)



Discussion on public policies with Mr. Fung (Political Assistant to Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau) (November 6, 2017)

To enhance students’ understanding of the public policies and encourage them to reflect their opinion to the Hong Kong Government, Political Assistant to Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau Mr. Henry Fung (馮興禮先生) visited our school on 6th November, 2017. He introduced the vision of our Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam which concerns engaging young people in policy making so that diverse opinion can be respected and reflected through various ways. Mr. Fung invited our students to join the advisory committees on social and youth matters. Besides, he discussed in detail public policies like offsetting arrangement under the Mandatory Provident Fund System, transportation subsidies, elderly services and Low-income Working Family Allowance with our students. Our students actively expressed their views on various public policies and different opinions were shared in a sincere and respectful atmosphere.

Student Formation Day I (November 1, 2017)

Student Formation Day I was held on 1st November, 2017 with great success. In collaboration with St. James Settlement, we have the honour to invite Mr. Ng(吳振榮先生), the former police station sergeant to share his viewpoints and experiences about integrity with us. Mr. Ng has worked in the police force for over 30 years. Besides his expertise in fighting crimes, he devoted himself to guiding his fellow officers to become a better person in their life endeavours. He taught course in law at the Police College and offered counseling to officers. His service in Church enables him to have a thorough understanding of the weaknesses we all experienced in upholding integrity and his tips on overcoming temptations is enlightening. Here are some of the snapshots of the day.

Civic Education Talk on Economic Globalization (October 31, 2017)

This year, Civic Education Team sets its objective to enhance students’ understanding of globalization. Programmes of this year were sparked off by a film show illustrating how economic globalization affects the quality of life of Taiwan citizens. An episode of the film, “Taiwan from Above”, was shown to all Form 1 to 5 students. Our guest Speaker, Ms. Tracy Lee(李嘉言女士), the person-in-charge of Association of Hong Kong Visual Arts and Culture Education then explained in detail the negative impacts of human activities on the various aspects of the quality of life in Hong Kong. Our students were amazed by the beauty of the natural landscape of Taiwan from an aerial perspective but also worried to see the disastrous impacts of pollution on ecosystem.

InnoCarnival 2017 (October 27, 2017)

The visit to the InnoCarnival was held in the Science Park on 27th October. The carnival aims at encouraging the public, especially the young generation, to develop an interest in IT, as well as inspire them to pursue their own career according to their talent, which will benefit the future development of the society. Four classes of Form Three and two classes of Form Four participated in the carnival. The carnival features a wide range of lately invented technology application and practical experiments; the five main categories are Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Communication, Engineering and Science & Technology Career. Participants were also invited to attend workshops such as 4D Frame Mechatronics Car, Gauss Cannon, Contraption-building Challenge and making Solar Speedy Car, etc. Mentors provided explanations at the workshops and guided participants through hands-on experience. In the Contraption-building experiment, we were required to build a slide with three u-turns for a ball to roll through without falling by utilizing the force of gravity. It was challenging as well as physically demanding as failures were encountered at times. We had to estimate the angle and slope of the slide in order to succeed. Just as engaging as the workshops were the exhibitions. Various teams coming from universities and corporations were keen on showing us their products and explaining their motives. One exhibition called “SCIENCE—THE WAY TO MY FUTURE” had stimulated our curiosity in exploring our DNA, to know the sources and reasons behind every disease and cancer. We were amazed at the preciseness of human body. Advanced version of the current technology craze – 3D printing and VR – was available. Booths were set up for the public to gain a first-hand experience of the fascinating technology. Participants designed, printed out their unique designs and joined the exciting ‘speedy car race’. This was indeed an experience of a life-time! Moreover, things that you and I could barely imagine came real: using coffee waste to make clothes, coloring pictures by exposing it under blue ray, visualizing light rays in its wave form and planting in spaceships …

Everyone has the ability to create! Let us always remember the spirit of the InnoCarnival - Inspirations come from tiny details in our daily life. With the popularizing trend of STEM, innovative technology is in great demand and getting involved in IT is not just fun, but also prepares us for a future that leads.

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Campus Tour for SFCS (October 21, 2017)

Excitement and anticipation filled the air as our 275 guests from SFCS, including students and parents, proceeded from the gymnasium to our new school campus. While walking around the campus, our guests were introduced to the facilities and unique characteristics of the school, for instance, the laboratories, the Independent Learning Centre, the Mother of Mercy Chapel, St. Bakhita’s Garden and the rooftop garden. Our primary students and parents eagerly chatted with our student helpers to find out more about the secondary school. They also participated actively in the game booths organized by the Student Association and school clubs. Their chatting and laughter filled the school with joy and liveliness. It’s been a fruitful day for us and our guests alike.

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Sports Day (October 12 & 13, 2017)

The School Annual Athletic Meet was held on 12th and 13th October. We are grateful for the student-helpers, teachers, clerical staff and janitor staff who have worked together to make this special day a success.

Early morning, an air of excitement filled the sportsground as students gathered. The rising of the college flag signaled the opening of the sports meet. As flags of the four houses fluttered in the wind, students cheered for their representatives and athletes.

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School Major Concerns Information Day (October 4, 2017)

The School Major Concerns Information Day was held in the School Hall on 4th October, 2017. Teachers and student representatives from various school teams introduced the four school major concerns 2017-2018 to all students through creative means such as drama, sharing and videos produced on their own. Our past students Kelly Yan and Cynthia Chan were invited to share their study skills with their younger sisters.

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Canossian Schools Catholic Students' Retreat (F.6) (September 30, 2017)

To enable our Form 6 students to be aware of this special identity, the Canossian Missions organized the Canossian Schools Catholic Students’ Retreat for all the Form six students on September 30.

This fruitful Saturday began with the opening prayer led by our school supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law. Then, we learned to improve our relationship with God and be grateful through thin and thick no matter what happens as God is with us always at the reflection sessions and inspiring life sharing by Ms Candy Ng.

The guest speaker, Fr. Paul Kam, reminded our students to make use of “3H” together in our relationship with God; Head – to think, Heart – to feel, Hand – to do, as God is like our beloved family and friends. He also mentioned that in Mark 3:13-14, Jesus proclaimed that we are the chosen one with Him and be the missionaries of love.

The programme ended with a Mass and our students have promised to be the witnesses of God to make Jesus known and loved.

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Prize-giving Ceremony (September 21, 2017)

The school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law, presented awards to F.1 - F.3 students attaining the top 3 positions in class in the Final Assessment of the Academic Year 2016-2017 at the Prize Presentation ceremony.

Installation of Prefects & Exco. Members (September 21, 2017)

The installation ceremony of the school prefects, monitresses, SA exco members and House exco members was held on Thursday, 21st September, 2017 at the school hall during the first assembly of the school year. Our principal Mr. Kenneth Law installed the student leaders who pledged to do their best to serve the school and students faithfully in the coming year. Congratulations to all the newly installed student leaders!

3D Printing Course (September 8 & 15, 2017)

Basic and Intermediate SketchUp 3D design (STEM) workshops were held successfully on 8th and 15th September, 2017 respectively. SketchUp is a user-friendly software which helps designers to draw 3D figures.

Participants, including 12 teachers and 22 students, have shown immense interest in using 3D sensory and mathematics knowledge to draw 3D car, chair, vase, bracelet etc. Learning about and through the 3D drawing tool has been a fascinating experience for teachers and students as they worked collaboratively to design their own product. A student has demonstrated originality by changing a bracelet into a ball-shaped ornament through self-learning.

The products designed by all participants will be printed. A follow-up course on how to print 3D products using a 3D printer will be provided by STEM team later.

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House Election (September 15, 2017)

The House Committee members of St. Gabriel, St. Patrick, St. Nicolaus and St. Valentina House gave a brief account of the activities held in the last academic year. New committee members introduced themselves one by one and students gave them a loud round of applause in support of their sense of belongings to their houses. They promised to serve the school and students with the best of their ability.

May God grant the student leaders wisdom to serve as role models for our fellow Franciscans.

School Official Opening Mass (September 15, 2017)

The School Official Opening Mass, which marks the beginning of another fruitful academic year, took place on 15th September, 2017, which is also the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. The hall was filled with warmth, excitement and happiness as students were all gathered again after the long vacation.

Rev. Father Vincent Woo, the celebrant of the mass, reminded our students that our mouths are precious gifts from God and hence, we should make good use to show our love and concern to each other, and some time should be spent to appreciate what God has prepared for us in this new academic year.

It was encouraging to see the schoolmates all participating fully in the mass by singing hymns. The mass ended on a cheerful note followed by the House Election.

Form 1 Orientation and Parents’ Day (September 9, 2017)

This is one of the most important occasions of the year as we welcomed our new Form One students and their parents. The programme of the day commenced with the marvelous performance of the School Western Symphony Orchestra and the Chinese Instrumental Orchestra. Our School Principal, Mr. Kenneth Law gave his speech welcoming students and parents to the big family of St. Francis’ Canossian College. This was followed by the sharing of our current F.6 students Vanessa Chiu and Kelly Chan. The sharing of senior students about their treasured episodes and memory at school reassured our new comers of a fascinating school life that awaits them. They also offered advice focusing on making choices about extra-curricular activities. The smile on the face of our F.1 students and guests were the best rewards for our speakers and performers. Our Chinese Dance Team gave an enchanting performance. The grace exhibited by our dancers and their elegant maneuvers brought the introductory session in the hall to a close. The students and parents then proceeded to respective classrooms to meet their Form Teachers. This half-an-hour meeting marked the beginning of the building of a good rapport between Form Teachers and parents. We wish our Form One students a fruitful and enjoyable school life in St. Francis’!

丁新豹博士講座 (September 8, 2017)


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SA Election (September 8, 2017)

The election of the executive committee of the Student Association was successfully held on 8th September, 2017. After months of preparation, the cabinet, Maestro, showed the fruit of their hard work and effort on the stage. They had to answer questions prepared by the current SA exco and the floor. They also had to stage a short role play to promote a school function within limited time. The eight potential executive committee members demonstrated strong team spirit, confidence and dedication. According to the constitution, Maestro, being the only cabinet running for the election this academic year, automatically becomes the executive committee of the Student Association of the academic year 2017-18. Congratulations!

School Reopening (September 1, 2017)

Welcome back to school!

The new school year commenced with a whole school assembly. Our Principal, Mr. Law, addressed the school congregation at the school hall and extended a warm welcome to all students, especially our S1 students for joining the Franciscan Family. The introduction of our new teachers were received with great applause. Such warmth and enthusiasm exhibited by our students have been reassuring as ever.

Mr. Law proceeded with two thought-provoking questions – “Who are you?” and “What do you do?” – to reiterate the importance of goal-setting and being an active learner. He also expects Franciscan to appreciate their own identity, develop an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and engage in life-long learning.

Mr. Kan, the Discipline Master, then gave students reminders on school rules and the rationales behind. This was followed by a humorous presentation of Ms. Tang, the English Panel Head, who highlighted to students our school’s MOI policy and the part it plays in the facilitation of English language learning at school. She invited the whole school to engage in the use of English inside and outside the classroom. In unison we sang the School Song and wished everyone a fresh start for another fruitful academic year.

Summer Bridging Programme 2017 (August 16 - August 22, 2017)

In preparing the newly admitted Form 1 students for a smooth transition from their primary to secondary school life, the Summer Bridging Programme 2017 was organized in August. The programme began with a speech of welcome delivered by Mr. Law, the School Principal, followed by a briefing on the school regulations by the Discipline Master. All students then met their Form and Co-form teachers of the new academic year, as well as their classmates in their respective classrooms.

Besides having lessons on the three core subjects, English, Chinese and Mathematics, the newcomers were introduced to the School Teams and Clubs through participating in various activities organised by the student leaders. Acquainting themselves with the new environment, they joined in the fun.

August 17
August 18
August 21
August 22
Fun Fair
House Orientation
Orientation by Guidance Assistants
Physical and Aesthetic Development
Responsible Team(s)
SA and Clubs
Counselling Team
Music and Sports teams

The five-day programme was a great success not only in helping the new F.1 students to get more familiar with the school campus, but also enhancing the enjoyment of their new school life. We wish them all to have a fruitful year in the big family of St. Francis’.

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Business-School Partnership (BSP) Programme 2016/17 and HKGCC Student Ambassador 2016/17 (February to July, 2017)

To enhance students’ understanding of the commercial world, our school has joined the Business-School Partnership (BSP) Programme led by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC). Our matching company, New World Development Company Limited provided our students with various opportunities to explore how the business world works.

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Graduation Ceremony (July 8, 2017)

The Graduation Ceremony always carries a special meaning to the F.6 graduates. The ceremony marks the end of their secondary school life and turns their life to a new page.

It was our pleasure to have Ms Betsy Lai, our guest of honour, Ms Fiona Lee, the Chairlady of Past-Student Association, Mr. Frankie Lam, the Chairman of Parent-Teacher Association and Sr. Agnes Law, our School Supervisor in attendance at our Graduation Ceremony on 8th July, 2017.

The ceremony began with the prayer and the address by the school principal, Mr. Kenneth Law. Our Guest of Honour, an Alumna, Ms. Betsy Lai, presented the certificates to the F.6 graduates. Our School Supervisor, Sr. Agnes Law then presented awards to the awards winners in school awards and scholarships. Other awards were presented by Ms. Fiona Lee and Mr. Frankie Lam.

We are honoured to have Ms. Betsy Lai, a distinguished alumna to address the school. Ms Lee is the assistant principal training officer in Civil Service Training and Development Institute. In her address, Ms. Betsy Lai shared her secondary school life at St. Francis’ and encouraged the fellow Franciscans to strive for their best in face of adversities.

Kiki Wang, our Head Prefect, on behalf of all the graduates, gave a vote of thanks to the school and parents for their unfailing care and patience, for moulding them into capable and intelligent women.

We had a bittersweet moment of bidding farewell to Ms. Vivian Ho. She has devoted herself to the education of Franciscans as the head of the History Department and contributed a lot to the academic development of St. Francis’ as the chief coordinator of the Academic Team. We wished her all the best after retirement.

The School English Drama Team performed an award-winning drama in English Drama Fest “Who’s pulling the strings?” on stage. Then the SFCC Music Team brought us with wonderful guitar ensemble and choir performances. Lastly, the school song was sung to remind the graduates they always belong to the family of St. Francis.

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Leadership Training Camp (June 30, 2017)

The leadership training camp was energy-draining yet full of fun! I have understood and gained invaluable experience about being a good leader.

Our group chose good communication, mutual understanding and sense of responsibility as our goals. Our targets were met and the result was encouraging. It’s been a process of growth for all of us. In the game about cards, I learnt to give clear instructions and reiterate them to make sure all of my team members understand. This may seem trivial but it helped to avoid misunderstandings in the competition. Of course, keeping a level head also helped to avoid mistakes. The lessons learnt during our failures have indeed paved our way to success.

It’s been a wonderful experience meeting different people and making new friends across the form, not to mention being guided by a mentor who is easy-going and supportive.

-- Belle Leung, F.4A

Science Week (May 16-17, 2017)

Science Week was successfully held on 16th and 17th May, 2017. Various booths were set up in the Chemistry lab and the Physics lab on the first day. Students learnt about friction, angular momentum and chemical reactions through innovative and interesting set-ups. They also had the chance to experiment with electricity at the STEM counter set up by PolyU student volunteers. On the second day, a muscle-signal robotic car competition hosted by PolyU was held in LG2. Students cheered the teams on as they steered their cars to score the most points. The competition was intense and the students enjoyed themselves immensely.

Joyful Fruit Day (May 11, 2017)

According to the World Health Organization, adequate fruit and vegetables intake regularly can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, stroke and cancers. However, an earlier local survey showed that barely over half of primary school students had the habit of consuming enough fruit regularly. As such, the Department of Health organised the annual "Joyful Fruit Day" event to promote daily fruit eating habit at schools. The " Joyful Fruit Day" was successfully held in our school in May. On that day, fresh fruit such as mangoes, apples, organs, bananas and pears were distributed to students of all levels. The excitement and enjoyment exhibited by students when consuming the fruit was encouraging and we hope this positive response will continue to impact our youth and become an everyday routine that will benefit a lifetime.

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STEM Exposure Trip to Korea (April 19-23, 2017)

During the Easter holiday, 36 of our F.2 to F.5 students, together with 4 teachers, have joined a STEM exposure trip to Seoul from 19 to 23 April. They have experienced the latest technologies in Seoul and also explored Korean culture and development through visiting various museums and historical attractions. The visits to Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM), AmorePacific Beauty Products Factory and Digital Pavilion were eye-opening. Students have learnt more about the industrial and technological development in South Korea. Another highlight of the tour was the visit to KBS On. This has deepened students’ understanding about the broadcasting industry while experiencing first-hand the production process at one of the nation’s top broadcasting company. Two of our students took up the role of the news anchors at the News Experience Corner and performed impressively. Last but not the least, our students also enjoyed memorable moments wearing Hanbok, making Kimchi and appreciating the wonderful performance by the local students and teachers in Sindo High School during our visit.

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Easter Children Visiting (April 21, 2017)

The Community Youth Club and Social Service Group joint club children visiting service was held on 21st April, 2017 during Easter Holiday in the Methodist Church Epworth Village Community Center. Our 18 student volunteers spent a wonderful evening with the children, aged between 6 and 11 years old in the center. The first part of the service was to tutor the students and help them with their holiday homework. Volunteers communicated with the children enthusiastically and patiently. Then we played games and made mask art with the children. The energy level was high and the atmosphere was warm. At last, we distributed souvenirs together with drinks and snacks. It’s been a fruitful evening for all of us.

PolyU STEM workshops (March to April, 2017)

S - Science

T - Technology

E - Engineering

M - Mathematics

‘STEM’ - an acronym that refers to the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics collectively, has been a major area of focus to be promoted at schools ever since the 2015 Policy Address. It aims at fostering students’ innovative thinking and nurture young talents with a passion in science and technology who will help to enhance the international competitiveness of Hong Kong. With regard to this, our school co-organized a 3-day STEM workshop with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for 40 talented Form 1 and Form 2 students in March and April respectively, offering them an invaluable opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology through hands-on experience.

The workshop quickly began with the welcome address by PolyU staff, followed by a campus tour, in which our students got the chance to visit various faculties and departments in PolyU. One of the highlights of the tour was the Biological Engineering Department, in which students watched video clips and real-life technical demonstrations on prosthetics, which was a large mechanical instrument. The video clip and demonstrations showed how a person who had his/ her limb amputated can be trained up to carry out daily activities with the use of prosthetics. This exposure and experience allowed students to see and explore modern biomedical technology for themselves.

During the workshop, our students learnt basic science and computer knowledge, including the concepts of circuit, gear system, Arduino program and EMG waves. Afterwards, under the guidance and facilitation of PolyU students, they built their own muscle-signal controlled robotic car in the ‘Robotic Car Competition’ using a computer, a basic electronic kit and Arduino microcontroller kit by applying the skills they acquired previously. The competition was interesting, exciting and fun-filled as students were fully engaged in making use of what they learnt while competing against each other.

All in all, our students benefitted a lot from the STEM workshop. Apart from gaining knowledge in various STEM areas, their horizons were also immensely broadened and they were greatly inspired to learn more about STEM education in the future.

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School Campus Health Ambassadors Programme (Red Cross) (March 24, 2017)

Booths were set up in the classroom to provide health information and body checks. The first one was a health check corner. Students were able to know more about their body conditions (e.g. BMI, blood pressure etc.). The second one was a Sports corner. Special prizes could be earned by students who successfully accomplished the required physical tasks (e.g. Speed Stairs). The third one was a lecture corner. Three display panels about healthy eating style, sleeping habits and pressure-dealing allowed students to find out more about their habits and make improvements on their lifestyles accordingly.

Inter-house Dance Competition (March 6, 2017)

The Inter-House Dance Competition was held on 6th March, 2017. The event was held at the LG2 playground. Ms. J. Ho and Ms. A. To were invited as judges. Many students came to show their support for their Houses and they’ve had a wonderful time. As the participants danced, audience cheered and sang along. After four rounds of hip-hop and jazz dances, St. Patrick House won the championship. The competition was well-organized and held successfully. We look forward to the next dance competition.

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F.4 LS Year Project (Feb to March, 2017)

In line with our school major concern on self-directed learning and e-learning, our Form 4 year project was conducted through a structured enquiry approach similar to the Independent Enquiry Study (SBA) of HKDSE Liberal Studies. Form 4 students are divided into groups and collect data from both primary sources and secondary sources. Through the guidelines given in the form of briefing sessions, worksheets, learning contracts and interviews with supervising teachers, students are assisted at various stages of their learning process to understand more on one of the five titles: the living condition of the poor, impact of gentrification on residents and retailers of West District after the construction of MTR, impact of filibustering and political parties on the governance of HKSAR government, development of agriculture in Hong Kong, achievement of sustainable development through sludge-treatment facility like T-park. We will celebrate the fruits of our work in May together with Dr. Sally Wan (Professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong), our Principal Mr. Kenneth Law and teachers of Academic team in May. This project has not just been a fruitful experience, but a fascinating one for our participants. The snapshots taken at the exposure trips speak for itself.

Civic Education Programs (2nd Term) (Feb to March, 2017)

Civic Education Team strives to enhance students’ understanding on current affairs. In the second term, we organized city forums and talks on cyber bullying, underage drinking, expectation for our Chief Executive elect and intellectual property rights. Let’s have a look at some precious moments we share in these months.

PTA Outing (February 18, 2017)

PTA organized an annual outing in February.  The aims of the activity are to strengthen the bonds and promote understanding between the school and parents.  The first destination of the journey is the “Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail”.  The Trail is located at the northeast of Luen Wo Hui in Fanling, the New Territories. It provides an opportunity to learn about traditional life in the area of Lung Yeuk Tau and Fanling.  Many traditional Chinese buildings and structures have been preserved in their original state, thus demonstrating the history and life of early inhabitants in the New Territories. Our next stop is “Mr. Tsui’s Farm”.  Families can pick fresh produce such as strawberries, carrot, dates and different kinds of vegetables there. The final destination of our journey is the “Kam Tin Country Club” in Yuen Long.  Parents, students and teachers enjoy their barbecuing there with joy and fun.

Form 5 Sports Day Camp (February 17, 2017)

It was a beautiful day when we set off for Tai Tong Organic Eco Park. The Sports Day Camp is the highlight of the school year for Form 5 students. This year, we were particularly excited as we were going to ride a horse.

Everyone was serious and attentive while listening to the instructor’s introduction of the habits and characteristics of the horses. It is, however, difficult to suppress our excitement as we finally got to experience a ride on the horse’s back. As the horse trotted and we started the stroll around the course, I imagined myself being a professional horse-rider galloping in the wilderness. Apart from the once-in-a-life-time experience of riding a horse, we were also fascinated by the opportunity to feed and interact with the horses in the stable.

Form 4 Sports Day Camp (February 17, 2017)

The Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp was filled with liveliness and excitement as our Form Four students gathered for the Sports Day Camp. Split into groups, all students experienced a variety of physically-demanding outdoor activities, including archery, rock-climbing, abseiling and track-point hunting.

Overwhelmed by the sense of accomplishment from their first attempt on archery, the girls displayed their full interest and attention in learning about shooting and experiencing it hand-on for the first time. Our skillful coaches guided us with care and humour, so our group of amateur archers could enjoy the fun of the sport! Abseiling was indeed the most challenging sports for most of the girls. Despite being terrified standing on a 5-storey high platform waiting to descend, we encouraged each other and cheered for each of our friends to soothe the slightly agitating atmosphere among us.

The majority of track-point hunting involves running around the hills and grassy tracks to find clues for a sequence of numbers within the time limit. Under the scorching sun, the girls showed their amazing vitality and determination in solving every challenge while keeping the spirit up to finish the remaining journey. At the end of the day, the laughs and tears and even exhaustion itself were what really made this day remarkable and unforgettable!

中文學會賀年週 (February 13-14, 2017)



中文學會廣播劇比賽 (Novermber, 2016 - February, 2017)




Christmas Celebration (December 21, 2016)

On 21st December, 2016, the annual Christmas Celebration organized by the Student Association, AIDOS has created a wonderful time for our fellow Franciscans.

There were three game sessions with four lucky draws this year. The first game was “Song Guessing”. Our schoolmates had to compete for marks by answering the names of songs mashed together. They enjoyed the game a lot and shown much enthusiasm.

The second game was called “World Record”. Student representatives were sent to the stage to finish different interesting tasks. The most unforgettable moment of the game was when students had to say Merry Christmas with three marshmallows in their mouths. Their cute chubby faces had certainly amused many of us.

“Finding Her” was our last game. Students had a great time looking for our teachers who were being hid among the crowd.

We were glad to have Ms. R. Lee and Ms. L.Y. Cheung as our guests in the lucky draw session which involved four rounds.  Fourteen of them left received souvenirs from the Student Association and special gifts from Ms. Lee.

All in all, our fellow Franciscans as well as the Student Association both had a great time celebrating the joyous festival with one another by engaging ourselves in such interesting games and sending out fabulous presents to spread the love and warmth to everyone. We would also like to thank our teacher advisors for giving us so much support and useful advice. Without their help, the event would not have been so successful. Last but not least, we hope all our schoolmates have enjoyed themselves and will continue to support AIDOS in the upcoming activities.

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Careers Talk (December 15, 2016)

We were honoured to have the Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, as our guest speaker for the talk on "facing adversity and changes".

Dr. Sung began with the sharing of his experience in handling the SARS outbreak in 2003, emphasizing that obstacles in life are inevitable and it all depends on how we deal with them. This has given him the opportunity to see how difficulties strengthen the solidarity of the people in Hong Kong. When people are united, nothing can stand in their way. This is why effective communication is of ultimate importance, especially in teamwork.

Gratitude is another key to success. It is important to count our blessing and appreciate the small things in life when we feel despair in face of challenges. Dr. Sung also underscored the importance of upholding our integrity and modesty as leaders. Leaders, he stressed, should be prepared to make tough decisions and stand alone when facing criticisms. Besides, they have to look far and act fast. “Leaders are the first to see the need, envision the plan and take action. A good leader is always ready to walk the extra mile,” he said.

It was a fruitful day for us. We have been enlightened by Dr. Sung’s sharing of his personal experience in overcoming challenges and qualities as a leader. We have learnt a great deal not just from the substantial content of Dr. Sung’s talk, but even more so from his charm and charismatic leadership.

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Fruit Fair (December 1, 2016)

In order to encourage students to eat more fruits and intake more fibres, a fruit fair was organized during lunch time in the LG covered playground. Various game counters were set up and students were each awarded a cup of fruit as prizes after playing the games. About 80 students participated in the activity and they all enjoyed the games and fresh fruits very much.

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Health Talk on Eye Protection (December 1, 2016)

In order to raise students’ awareness towards eye protection, two blind guest speakers from the Retina Hong Kong were invited to give a talk to our F.1 and 2 students on 1st December, 2016. One of the speakers was accompanied by a guide dog. In the talk, students were reminded to take a more serious care of their eyes and do eye exercise regularly. Besides, the ways blind people adapt to their daily life were also explained. Students were excited about seeing a lovely and obedient guide dog upclose. The talk in general was entertaining and educational.

戲劇學會——莎士比亞工作坊 (November 28-30, 2016)


問: 工作坊中哪一件事讓你最深刻呢?
答: 我認為運用桌椅搭建其中一個劇中情節的場景的過程最深刻。這個活動令我明白只要運用想像力,如 把桌椅「變成」觀望台等,日常生活中簡單的擺設都能用作創造豐富的情境。
問: 你在莎士比亞的生平和劇作中有何得著?
答: 莎士比亞將一生奉獻給話劇創作和話劇演出,雖然在創作生涯中他遇到不同的挫折和瓶頸位,但依然努力不懈,最終寫下家傳戶曉的悲劇著作。從他身上,我學會只要堅持自己的夢想,不輕言放棄,成功就會來臨。
問: 如果來年會有相同類型的工作坊,你會否再次參加?
答: 會,因為工作坊讓我認識各種名人的事蹟,獲益良多。