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Alumni Manager Election 2023-2025
Information of Candidate
The candidate registration and nomination of the 2023-2025 SFCC Alumni Manager Election ended on 10 June 2023.  There is one alumnus, Miss Sieh, Shih Pei June registered as a candidate of the election. She left St. Francis’ in 1994 (Form 4).  For more details of the candidate, please refer to the following link:
According to Chapter V of the amended PSA Constitution about Alumni Manager Election, “if only one valid registration for election is received on or before the expiration of the registration period, that candidate will automatically be elected as the Alumni Manager.”
As Miss Sieh Shih Pei, June is the only candidate who registered for the Election, she will be nominated by the PSA to be the Alumni Manager of the Incorporated Management Committee of SFCC.  Therefore, there will be no election as scheduled in the PSA General Meeting on 24 June 2023 in St. Francis’ Canossian College.   Considering this, such PSA General Meeting will be cancelled.
Further information regarding the 2023-2025 SFCC Alumni Manager Election is available in the following links:
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The purpose of the St Francis' Canossian College Past Students' Association (PSA) shall be to promote through its alumni and membership the interests of SFCC and its alumni. The Association shall act independently to provide services and programs that enlighten, strengthen and develop the student, school, staff and alumni bodies.
  •  upkeep the bond with our school through harmonious friendship, support and co-opertion among PSA members, teachers and students
  •  support charity works or other undertakings that are considered worthwhile by the PSA members
  •  foster and organise activities of social, cultural, educational, civic or religious nature in the interest of the PSA members

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